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EverWeb 3.3 Release Notes

Monday, June 22, 2020 12:15 AM

[NEW] Significantly optimized all EverWeb website code and included widgets so websites load much faster. According to Google Speed Tests, we see on average a 50% speed increase on our test websites

[NEW] Significantly optimized EverWeb’s UI specifically when working with Widgets. Widgets will render and function up to 700% faster when making changes to them in the Inspector

[NEW] If you select multiple widgets of the same type, you can update their properties at the same time from the Inspector. For example, you can select multiple PayPal widgets and update the email address for all of them at once

[NEW] This version completely changes the Inspector->Hyperlink tab->Behavior->Open in Popup Window. It works better on all mobile devices and in responsive mode

[NEW] Image Gallery Widget changes the image popup up effect when you click an image so its works better on mobile devices and in responsive mode

[NEW] Contact Form has a new Transparent style

[NEW] Contact Form lets you specify the height of the Text Area control

[NEW] You can now search Widgets to find the exact widget you want to use

[NEW] You can now search in the ‘Add Page’ Window to find specific templates

[NEW] You can now search the Web Page Files list to quickly locate the page you want to edit

[NEW] There is now a page navigator under the Web Page Files list. This lets you easily return to the last page you were working on

[NEW] Holding down the option key and expanding a directory in the Web Pages Files list will expand all directories within that directory

[NEW] Added MYR currency to PayPal widget

[NEW] PayPal widget gets a second Options list

[NEW] The Color button in the Toolbar will behave differently based on what is selected. If it is a shape with a background color, the background color will change. If you are editing text it will change the text color

[FIX] Adding a template that uses the Image Gallery, or moving a project to a new computer that uses the Image Gallery will properly render the Image Gallery

[FIX] Fixed some FTP publishing issues

[FIX] Fixed some issues with the Contact Form

[FIX] Update and optimized the Image Gallery widget

[FIX] Background images set to Scale to Fit on iPhones not works just as it does on Desktop with the scroll effect

[FIX] Fixed some issues with Responsive Rows and full width element inside them

[FIX] The required field for the Contact Form’s checkbox and radio button controls will correctly show an error message if the visitor doesn’t make a selection

[FIX] Regular Image Gallery Widget will now drag properly from the ‘move’ icon in the upper right hand corner

[FIX] Fixed an issue where shapes in the Footer section that are aligned with the Footer top in master pages weren’t getting exported to the footer properly on publish

[FIX] Improved browser and page background drawing so its much faster in EverWeb’s Design Canvas. Tiled images won’t be as slow as they used to be and slow down dragging of objects within the design canvas

[FIX] Fixed an issue with rulers where they would cover the Design Canvas

[FIX] Improved how scrollbars work when the system settings is set to always display them

[FIX] Blog page titles in Google will now show any quoted text in the page title

[FIX] Using the Test Connection button and then closing the EverWeb Window won’t show an error saying something is publishing

[FIX] Copying text that has hyperlinks in it from other sources like iWeb or your browser won’t extend the hyperlink to the entire paragraph

[FIX] Improved Contact Form error messages if the the server has old versions of PHP prior to 5.6

[FIX] Slightly changed Rulers drawing so it looks more like Apple’s Keynote in Light and Dark mode

[FIX] In earlier versions images that didn’t have a retina version may have drawn differently in EverWeb depending on their fill settings and size. They now draw the exact same in EverWeb as they do when you publish your site to a browser

[FIX] Opening projects built on a retina machine and bringing them to a non-retina machine or vice versa works better now and loads any widget that needs updating much faster