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Everweb 3.2 Release Notes

Thursday, April 2, 2020 12:29 PM

[NEW] Contact Form widget now lets you send a confirmation email to the visitor who submits the form

[NEW] Contact Form widget now lets you redirect your visitor to another page once they have filled out the contact form

[NEW] Scroll positions now let you mark any object as a scroll positions which works great for Responsive pages and lets you link directly to any element on a page

[NEW] Blog posts now let you customize the text of the next and previous post links

[NEW] Image Gallery widget now lets you put the pagination on the top, bottom or both and lets you style the pagination buttons with background colors and mouse over effects

[NEW] Clicking  a Master Page will now highlight all the pages in the webpage list that use this Master Page

[NEW] Regular pages can now be moved to the Master Page list and back so you can easily make Master Pages from a regular page and make regular pages from a Master Page

[NEW] Manage EverWeb Cache files like preview files, publishing cache and backup from the Preferences window and delete any files you don’t need anymore

[NEW] You can now sort blog posts by their ‘draft' status

[NEW] Right click on a selected link in a Textbox provides the option to Follow the link and select the page in EverWeb’s web page list

[FIX] Fixed issue with Contact Form emails on some servers

[FIX] Some older backup files were not being deleted when they should have been

[FIX] More reliable FTP publishing that works around certain issues with some servers to ensure successful publishing

[FIX] Fix possible crash when publishing website

[FIX] Fixed an issue with responsive rows and setting the max content width

[FIX] Social media images should now work properly when publishing to a sub directory

[FIX] Video widget on responsive pages works properly when set to full screen and then reduced back to the an embedded video

[FIX] Blog date is set properly based on local time zone

[FIX] Fixes to French translation