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EverWeb 3.4 Release Notes

Monday, October 26, 2020 1:05 AM

[NEW] EverWeb SEO PowerUp Add-on automatically optimizes and submits your website to search engines

[NEW] Contact Form Fields: Full Calendar and Time Selection Controls

[NEW] Background fill options: Scaling and color overlay options for image fill

[NEW] Parallax scrolling for Background fill options

[NEW] Replace Assets feature. Right click on any asset to replace them with another image and any object that uses that asset will be updated automatically

[NEW] Open Recent menu under the file menu

[NEW] Any select color control can now drag and drop the color, or right click to copy and paste the current color, to any other select color control

[NEW] Default styles window now lets you use the Font Panel to select a default font 

[NEW] You can now set a link to the ‘current’ page which is useful for Master Page links to anchors on the same page

[NEW] You can now drag and drop images onto Responsive Image Gallery widgets

[FIX] Using the mousewheel scroll in the Inspector no longer freezes while the mouse is over a text entry field

[FIX] Contact Form Advanced form fields can be more easily re-arranged

[FIX] Non english characters in the MENU label for responsive navigation menus can now be used

[FIX] Pages that will never be added to a navigation bar won’t mark all pages as need to publish if they are modified

[FIX] Fixed issues with copying and pasting objects from in Responsive Row to another

[FIX] Fixed styling issue with PayPal styled Buy Now buttons in mobile devices

[FIX] Animation slider will update the preview as you adjust the settings

[FIX] Font Panel size field is updated properly

[FIX] Editing some widgets would remove the focus from the design canvas

[FIX] Fixed an issue with video sizes in FlexBox widgets

[FIX] Improved error reporting for FTP publishing

[FIX] Select color window will now close when you click anywhere outside of it

[FIX] Image Gallery widget will show the bottom pagination when selected. In some cases it would not show up on the first few pages