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EverWeb 3.0 Release Notes

Thursday, September 12, 2019 8:22 AM

[NEW] Significant speed improvements especially for full width, responsive websites

[NEW] Optimized publishing websites so it is now much faster

[NEW] Asset list organization so you can now organize assets into folders and sub folders

[NEW] Background fill options can now be applied to all widgets (Inspector->Shape Options->Fill)

[NEW] All new Contact Form features including;

[NEW] View, search, export and manage contact form submissions

[NEW] SPAM Protection with Google reCaptcha

[NEW] Accept file uploads from contact forms

[NEW] Customizable styled Submit button with mouse hover effects and transitions

[NEW] More styling options including control background colors, alignment, background colors, removing labels and more

[NEW] Contact form email sent for each form submission is styled in a nice table layout

[NEW] Check for New Templates now lets you select which templates you want to download and has a preview options for each one

[NEW] All widgets with the Styled Text Editor have a full screen button for easier editing of text

[NEW] Pagination options for the list of blog posts in the Posts and Archive pages

[NEW] Cover photo style option for Blog post list which looks nicer in responsive designs

[NEW] PayPal widget has styled ‘Buy Now’ button options instead of just a custom picture option

[NEW] Responsive Rows and FlexBox widget let you set a maximum content width and top and bottom padding

[NEW] All widgets can now use the Background Fill options from the Shape Settings Inspector

[NEW] Added New Zealand to the PayPal widget as a country

[NEW] Updated translations for Spanish, French, Italian and German

[FIX] Fixed an error when downloading Free Stock Photos

[FIX] Fixes issues with using EverWeb with multiple monitors, especially if one monitor is Retina and the other is not

[FIX] Width/height indicator for image masking appears again

[FIX] Adding images to the image gallery widget via drag and drop updates the Assets list properly

[FIX] Long Blog Archive list doesn’t disappear within EverWeb when scrolling

[FIX] Background images for Browser background on mobile are not zoomed in

[FIX] Object hyperlink indicator shows properly when an object is hyperlinked and this option is enabled in the preferences

[FIX] Styled Text Editor for widgets shows the proper text size for selected text

[FIX] Text Object now works properly when using command+arrows keys

[FIX] Gradients set to 90 degrees now work properly on Master Pages

[FIX] Image Gallery widget no longer has the # as the default link which would prevent the SlideShow from appearing

[FIX] Mouse hover link settings are applied properly to blog archive 

[FIX] Text on web pages are exported properly when using styled text options for the first word in a paragraph. Previously the entire text object would be exported with the same styling option as the first word in a paragraph even though it looked different in EverWeb

[FIX] Fixed publishing issues where some pages wouldn’t publish, or entire websites would be published if publishing a lot within a short amount of time because EverWeb wasn’t properly adjusting for timezone differences