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EverWeb 2.9 Release Notes

Tuesday, February 19, 2019 12:06 PM

[NEW] Set a maximum width for full width objects from the Inspector

[NEW] Show or hide any object on your website for mobile devices, tablets, and desktop computers

[NEW] Link to files, such as PDFs, and open links in New Windows for all widgets that provide linking options

[NEW] Responsive Rows have an option to limit the width of the content within them

[NEW] Show Rulers option now lets you see rulers on the left hand side and on top of the Design Canvas

[NEW] Specify a custom CSS class for any object for advanced scripting and styling options 

[BUG] Responsive Image Gallery captions and fade options now works properly in slide show mode

[BUG] Dragging Widgets and images within Responsive Rows properly highlights and removes the highlight indicator to know when an object will be embedded in the Responsive Row Widget

[BUG] Fixed a crash that could occur when downloading new templates

[BUG] Fixed a crash that could occur when switching pages

[BUG] Objects less than 15 pixels in width or height are published in the correct location on your website

[BUG] Fixed issues with auto updating

[BUG] Blog ‘Full Archive’ link uses correct font colors for normal, mouse over and visited links