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EverWeb 3.1.5 Release Notes

Saturday, December 28, 2019 11:43 AM

  1. Fixes problems with some third party widget that use background images. They were broken in 3.1
  2. Significant improvements to Responsive websites on older browsers
  3. Significant improvements to importing iWeb blogs
  4. Fixed Width blog post page improvements when using background colors
  5. On Catalina you can once again drag multiple files from the Assets list at a time
  6. Internal improvements which should improve compatibility on Catalina
  7. Improvements to Google Fonts and blog posts
  8. Fixes for rollover underline settings for hyperlinks
  9. Text Section widget fixes when used within a responsive row
  10. Simple Contact form can have letters with accents in labels
  11. Fixed an issue with full width Contact Form advanced Widgets