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EverWeb 3.1 Release Notes

Tuesday, December 10, 2019 1:29 PM


[NEW] DarkMode support in macOS Mojave & later

[NEW] Auto continue publishing websites if a timeout error occurs

[NEW] Smaller websites that load faster PLUS optimized and faster code for image and background fills

[NEW] Smart Inspector tabs brings you to the correct Inspector tab depending on what you are editing

[NEW] Optimized Widgets that update faster within EverWeb’s Design Canvas when changing settings

[NEW] Progress loading window when opening a large website

[NEW] Contact Form Advanced improvements: 

  1. Validation error messages
  2. Reply button in emails
  3. Submission date, page name and IP included in submission email
  4. Improved compatibility with newer versions of PHP

[NEW] PayPal shipping options gives more flexibility with selling your PayPal products

[NEW] Blog post delete warning & confirmation dialog

[NEW] Enhanced select color buttons with quick access to common colors

[NEW] Specify image ALT text for FlexBox images

[NEW] Specify seconds to start at for YouTube videos

[FIX] Publishing pages with image galleries won’t publish all images after re-arranging the images within them

[FIX] Publish Site Changes improvements

[FIX] Fixed the simple contact form 

[FIX] Blog posts will properly recognize Thin, Semibold and other typefaces for Google Fonts 

[FIX] Responsive Row with only images won’t have a small white space at the bottom when published

[FIX] Justified text in Blog Posts no longer causes a crash

[FIX] Fixed occasional error messages when auto save is enabled 

[FIX] TextSection widget code improvements and fixes