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EverWeb 2.7 Release Notes

Sunday, March 4, 2018 1:55 PM

[NEW] Responsive navigation bar, automatically updates to your visitors’ device or screen

[NEW] Over 500,000 free stock photos to use on your website (Window menu->Stock Photos)

[NEW] Contact form controls including; Section headers, field descriptions, more font customizations 

[NEW] New custom button option for Contact Forms

[NEW] You can now select None for the Fav icons to remove one

[NEW] Shadow colors can now be defined in the Font Panel

[FIX] Closing a project while publishing would crash

[FIX] FTP Passwords are saved properly now

[FIX] Improved drawing quality of some images

[FIX] Linking to files within a blog post works properly now

[FIX] Publishing changes after renaming a folder publishes your website properly again

[FIX] Using 301 redirects with HTTPS websites works properly now

[FIX] Scroll positions work with directory pages now

[FIX] Tool tips and object positions are displayed again for 64Bit version of EverWeb

[FIX] Fixed exporting CSS issues when using a background image for shapes

[FIX] Fixed issue with widgets that use media files

[FIX] Fixed a crash on launch if a corrupted font was installed on your computer

[FIX] More responsive typing in the blog editor

[FIX] Fixed issue with incorrectly entered FTP details

[FIX] Fixed a crash when selecting a date for a blog post

[FIX] Fixed issues with some third party, older templates so they work properly

[FIX] Fixed issue with linking external files in blog posts

[FIX] Fixed contact form with & in a textbox or as a field name

[FIX] Fixed potential crash with Live Photos