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EverWeb 2.8.4 Release Notes

Monday, November 19, 2018 7:17 AM

[IMP] Improved Website Previewing. EverWeb won’t preview an entire website after restarting your computer

[FIX] Fixed FlexBox Widget Alignment issue

[FIX] Fixed blog pages not exporting correctly on Fixed Width Layouts

[FIX] Fixed some upgrading issues when using the Check For Update menu in EverWeb

[FIX] Fixes some issues with newer Google Fonts

[FIX] Fixed Blog Post Drafts incorrectly being exported in the navigation links at the bottom of blog posts

[FIX] Pasting text from a web browser into the Styled Text Field for all widgets work properly now

[FIX] Previewing on Server option now works properly again (broken in 2.8.2)