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EverWeb 2.8 Release Notes

Wednesday, November 14, 2018 6:23 AM

New in EverWeb 2.8

[NEW] Responsive Page Layout lets you easily build Responsive Websites

[NEW] Over 40 new templates, including a 20 Responsive Templates 

[NEW] Navigation bar supports a logo in Responsive Mode

[NEW] Responsive Navigation bar can have a separate background color

[NEW] Responsive Navigation menu has a Stick to Top of page option

[NEW] Responsive Navigation menu respects Fixed Position option

[NEW] Full width objects can have left and right margin settings

[NEW] PayPal widget has an image and a description option

[NEW] Paste objects at Mouse Location option

[NEW] Add Page template selector lets you filter by New Templates, Fixed Width Templates and Responsive Templates

[NEW] Widget organization lets you organize all widgets into varies categories to find them easily

[NEW] Widget: Text Section Widget lets you create a widget with an image, styled text and any number of buttons with mouse over effects

[NEW] Widget: Flexbox Widget lets you make Responsive sections with any combination of video, images and styled text

[NEW] Widget: Responsive Image Gallery widget lets you build Responsive Image Galleries in many different styles

[NEW] YouTube, Vimeo, Audio, and Video widgets have been updated to support Responsive websites and have additional options

[NEW] Blog drafts feature lets you create blog posts that aren’t published until you are ready

[NEW] Automatically set blog post published dates to the date you Publish your website 

[NEW] Hero images for blog posts are Responsive now

[NEW] Option to locally host the Google Fonts under Site Settings options

[FIX] HTTPS urls for social meta links when uploading to an HTTPS website

[FIX] Removed Revert to Save menu option if Auto Save is enabled in the Preferences

[FIX] Fix for using the iOS Simulator to preview websites

[FIX] Fixed crash when pressing Return in the Published Date field for the Blog posts when the Select Date field has the focus

[FIX] Fixed drawing issue when scrolling large Blog Archive pages

[FIX] Caching issues with incorrect fonts showing up after publishing a new website should be fixed now without needing to empty your browser cache

[FIX] Some image fill issues on master pages not appearing correctly when published

[FIX] Right click on image gallery to delete an image will properly delete the selected image instead of the whole widget

[IMP] Optimizations when drag and dropping objects around EverWeb’s design canvas

[IMP] Holding option key down and moving the mouse over objects to show the distance between them is faster now

[IMP] Improved export of code if there is no header or footer elements

[IMP] Faster publishing for websites using lots of widgets