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EverWeb 2.2 Release Notes

Wednesday, April 5, 2017 10:45 PM

[NEW] AnimationEngine lets you add awesome animations to all text, images, shapes and widgets
[NEW] Holding the option key and placing your mouse over an object will show you the distance from the selected object making it easy to properly design your website with precision.
[NEW] Options for the Image Slider widget to use dark navigation arrows and centre thumbnails

[FIX] EverWeb will now work much better with large projects and use much less memory
[FIX] Fixed a memory leak on macOS Sierra that would cause EverWeb to slow down after using it for a while and publishing your website
[FIX] Fixed Contact Form Advanced to use proper form address
[FIX] Fixed issue with blog images breaking when moving a project to a new computer
[FIX] Fixed Blog post image with spaces in its name not being exported properly
[FIX] Fixed blank paragraphs in text objects having their font and style information removed when closing and re-opening a project
[FIX] Moving a project to/form a retina screen will draw the images and widgets correctlty
[FIX] Fixed site wide header/footer code fields replacing certain characters automatically while typing
[FIX] Fixed error message when adding the blank template and EverWeb is in the Downloads folder instead of the Applications folder.