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EverWeb 2.5 Release Notes

Tuesday, October 10, 2017 10:56 PM

[NEW] EverWeb is now 64bit which means it can handle even larger websites and should perform faster in almost all aspects. Apple is moving to 64bit only software in future releases of macOS.

[NEW] Enhanced preview provides an exact local preview of what you will expect when you publish your website. We will be improving this in the future to make preview faster. Widgets that had issues previewing within EverWeb, will also preview properly now.

[NEW] RSS caching makes RSS feeds work faster and more reliably. This should work with all web hosting platforms but we guarantee that it works 100% with EverWeb + Hosting

[NEW] Facebook timeline widget

[NEW] Live Photos widget lets you add Live Photos from you iPhone to your website

[NEW] Rename menu in File menu lets you rename your website, blog posts, pages, and assets

[NEW] URL field for publishing to a folder

[FIX] Character spacing field in the inspector now works properly

[FIX] Opacity settings and animation settings work properly when used together on a shape

[FIX] Fixed a crash that could happen when working on multiple projects 

[FIX] Fixed publishing to FTP servers using regular FTP instead of Secure FTP

[FIX] Fixed issue with animations and the latest version of Chrome