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EverWeb 2.1 Release Notes

Monday, January 23, 2017 2:01 PM

EverWeb 2.1 is now available with some great new features and improvements.

What’s new in EverWeb 2.1?

We focused primarly on contact form improvements, convience features for making designing your website much faster, and improvements to the blogging platform. A list of what is new can be found below;

- Contact Form Advanced: New options to enter SMTP details to help improve reliability of receiving emails
- Contact Form Advanced: Reply to email set correctly (especially when using the SMTP option) for Contact Form Advanced
- Holding command and option key while dragging will not change the selection so you can easily move selected objects that are covered by other objects
- Hold Shift and command while dragging or resizing an object will move all objects underneath that object down in order to preserve the page layout
- Fixed RSS Feeds to make sure they are always in the correct format

- RSS Widget now works again after Google discontinued their RSS API
- Fixed text alignment issues with using line height and paragraph spacing options
- Function arrow keys work in the EverWeb Design Canvas
- A new option for linking to the full archive is available for the Blog Post Listing widgets
- Fixed a bug with Google Fonts and Blog Post widget not including the font for navigation links at the bottom of the posts
- Fixed a bug with Google Fonts and Blog Post widget not including the font for the date style
- Right clicking on the Site name in your project file has a rename option
- Fixed a CSS error in blog post widget for default font color value
- Fixed issue with Facebook comments not working properly
- EverWeb removes all double quotes now from images dropped on assets
- Fixed blog CSS font size export issues
- Fixed some error checking when writing out web page files
- Images are opened with the correct DPI so dropping retina images works properly again
- Setting height or width from the Inspector for multiple objects won't update both properties at the same time
- Using the selection rect to select objects (clicking and dragging to select objects) loads them properly in the inspector
- Making changes in the inspector when multiple objects are selected won't disable the Inspector after one change
- Inserting external link won't add the external link to the end of the post the trying to delete it
- EverWeb recognizes .ico files as images again
- Blog Posts starting with an image don't export with extra line breaks on the archive and main blog page
- Blog post images no longer get exported twice
- Fixed a memory leak after publishing when using blogs
- Contact Forms: You can now delete form options
- Contact Forms: Form control are not overly large when you have a wide form
- Contact Forms: Font styling isn't applied to some form fields anymore
- Contact Forms: You can now re-order control options
- Lots of improvements to the Widget API's