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EverWeb 1.9 Release Notes

Thursday, October 15, 2015 2:11 PM

EverWeb 1.9 features the ability to easily duplicate a website project, and send in your project file to EverWeb's support team. Also featured in 1.9 is the ability to link to a popup window, and work on your website in presentation mode. This can be especially helpful for users working on laptops with small screens.


  1. Master file assets and css are stored in one global folder making websites significantly smaller and faster to load in your browser. Also, publishing will be much faster due to less files needing to be published. It is recommended that you go to File->Publish Entire Site but it is not necessary
  2. Significantly enhanced mobile redirects. They now redirect faster and follow all of Google's guidelines for a proper mobile redirect
  3. Improved support for retina displays with the srcset attribute for more efficient retina web sites in modern browsers
  4. New Presentation mode (Window->Presentation mode) removes everything except for the design canvas to quickly preview your entire page within EverWeb
  5. You can now hide the bottom toolbar and all functions can be accessed from the menu bar
  6. New 'Popup Window' option for links lets you show a popup window of another page within the same page
  7. 'Open in New Window' setting can now be applied when linking to 'One of my Pages' or to 'A file'
  8. New templates automatically included in this release
  9. New video tutorial for the image slider
  10. New video tutorial for Favicons
  11. New duplicate project option. From the Projects window select the little arrows next to the project you want to duplicate and select 'Duplicate Project'
  12. All placeholder images have alt text 

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed alignment of captions for some image galleries night centering properly
  2. Fixed problems with the Facebook Widget on mobile devices and forcing a center aligned page to be left aligned
  3. Fixed issue with organizing assets when selecting 'Custom Sort Order' and dragging multiple assets at once
  4. Fixed some issues with text being exported as images
  5. Fixed some issues with copying and pasting text from other documents into EverWeb
  6. Fixed issue with gradients not being set to full width
  7. Visited color now applies correctly to navigation bar