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EverWeb 4.2.1: Important Update for Better Usability and Stability

Friday, July 5, 2024 9:24 AM

We're excited to announce the release of EverWeb 4.2.1, a minor but significant update. This version focuses on improving usability and stability, making your website-building experience smoother and more reliable.

This update builds on the recently released EverWeb 4.2 which introduced new Video & Map Fill options for shapes, enhanced responsive row features, and more.

Stability Fixes for Widgets

We've addressed an issue that caused EverWeb to crash when copying and pasting widgets between projects. This problem occurred when a widget had a single asset selection option but no asset was selected. With this fix, you can now copy and paste widgets between projects without any issues.

Font Panel and Global Style Fix

Previously, there was an issue with the Global Style name not appearing in the Font Panel within the Inspector. This has been fixed, making it easier for you to manage and apply global styles to your text.

Enhanced FlexBox Object Support

We've improved the support for rearranging FlexBox objects. This fix allows you to easily re-order the Flex Box objects from the Widget Settings in the Inspector.

Better Vimeo Link Parsing in Widgets

Alongside improved Vimeo video link parsing, we've also enhanced how these links are parsed in widgets and for Video Fill for shapes. This update ensures that video embeds work seamlessly across different parts of your website.

SEO Keyword Suggestion Fix

Our Check Page SEO tools have been refined, specifically fixing the suggestion for the number of keywords. This update helps you optimize your content more effectively for search engines, improving your site's search visibility.

Fixed Link Anchors

We've fixed issues with link anchors, making sure that they work correctly. This fix is crucial for ensuring smooth navigation on your website, especially for long pages with many sections.

Improved Mobile Navigation Menus

Navigation menus with drop-down options on mobile devices have been improved. This enhancement makes it easier for mobile users to browse your site, providing a better overall experience.

Updated Icons for Dark Mode on macOS

In dark mode, the icons for text alignment in the Inspector are now clearer and more user-friendly. 

Improved Image Shadow Code

The shadow code for images has been improved, resulting in better visual effects and more polished designs. Your images will now have cleaner and more aesthetically pleasing drop shadows.

Shape Deletion Fix

We've fixed an issue where some shapes could not be deleted from a page. 

Responsive Row Drawing Fixes

Finally, we've addressed some drawing issues with responsive rows while designing your website in EverWeb's Design Canvas.

We hope these updates make your experience with EverWeb even better. You can download this update from the EverWeb download page or by using the Check for Update within the EverWeb Software.