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Upcoming in EverWeb 4.2: Video & Google Maps Fill Options

Friday, March 29, 2024 9:28 AM

In EverWeb 4.2 we are adding new background fill options for any shapes including Video Fill and Google Maps Fill.

The addition of Video and Google Map fill options for any shape, including the versatile Responsive Row, offers additional options to easily add video and map functionality to your website without any coding.

Here we will go over how you can utilize these new features to enhance the visual appeal and functionality of your site.

Video Fill: Bringing Motion to Your Shapes

Video Background Fill in EverWeb 4.2EverWeb's Video Fill option allows you to embed videos directly into shapes on your website, adding a layer of motion and interactivity that can capture the attention of your visitors. Whether it's a rectangle, circle, or even a Responsive Row, you can now fill these shapes with videos from various sources, including a local file, cloud storage, YouTube, or Vimeo. Here's how to do it:

  1. Add a Shape: Insert a shape onto your page using the Shape button in the toolbar.
  2. Select Video Fill: With your shape selected, navigate to the Shape Options tab in the Inspector and change the Fill setting to ‘Video’.
  3. Choose Your Video Source: Select from External Video URL, Local Video File, YouTube Video, or Vimeo Video in the dropdown menu and specify the video's location.
  4. Customize: Once the video is selected, you have the freedom to adjust additional Video Fill options to match your design needs.

The Video FIll option provides lots of customization options including looping videos, auto play and showing video controls. If you want to use the video as a background for a Responsive Row, you can hide the video controls and have the video play and loop in the background. This adds an awesome effect for your website background.

Additionally you can add a parallax scrolling feature witht eh Scroll Speed option and scale the video how you like. 

If you have many videos on your page, use the 'Pause other videos on play' option to make sure that only one video plays at a time and your visitor is not distracted by other content on your site.

This feature is perfect for creating eye-catching backgrounds, promotional sections, or simply adding a dynamic element to your pages.

Google Map Fill: Interactive Maps in Any Shape

Google Maps Background Filll in EverWeb 4.2The Map Fill feature introduces a new level of flexibility by allowing you to integrate Google Maps directly into shapes. This is especially useful for adding maps as backgrounds to Responsive Rows or other shape objects, offering a seamless integration with Google maps. There are three options for map fills: Simple Map (Deprecated), Basic Map (Free), and Advanced Map, each providing different levels of customization and interaction, such as:

  • Roadmap or Satellite View: Choose your preferred map style.
  • Zoom Capability: Adjust the zoom level to focus on specific areas.
  • Terrain and Labels: Show detailed geographical information and labels for a comprehensive map experience.
  • Advanced Features: With the Advanced Map option, enjoy additional features like showing controls, ignoring mouse gestures, and customizing location labels so your business stands out.

The Ignore mouse gestures option is great when using the map as the background of a Responsive Row. It allows you to show your business location without capturing the mouse movements as your visitors scroll your website.

You can also hide controls so that the Map blends in nicely with your website background. 

To use the Basic (Free) and Advanced Map options, you'll need a Google Maps API Key. EverWeb simplifies this process by guiding you through generating this key via the Google Cloud Platform, ensuring you can quickly and easily integrate Google Maps into your designs.

How to Use Google Map Fill:

  1. Select a Shape: Place a shape on your page where you'd like to feature a map.
  2. Apply Map Fill: In the Shape Options tab, change the Fill setting to 'Map' and choose between Basic or Advanced Map options.
  3. Enter Your Google Maps API Key: After generating your API Key from Google Cloud Platform, enter it into the designated field in EverWeb to activate the map fill.

Bringing Your Website to Life with EverWeb 4.2

These new features in EverWeb 4.2 offer a new level of design flexibility and interaction, allowing you to create more engaging and personalized websites. 

By incorporating Video and Google Map fills into your shapes, you can turn static pages into vibrant, interactive experiences that captivate your visitors. Whether you're aiming to showcase product videos, highlight your business location, or simply add a touch of dynamism to your site, EverWeb's latest update makes it all possible with a few clicks. 

EverWeb 4.2 will be released soon along with these features and more.