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EverWeb 4.1 Released! Optimized Images, Video Backgrounds & More...

Thursday, January 25, 2024 8:14 AM

With the release of EverWeb 4.1 we've worked hard to give you the tools you need to create a beautiful, professional website the loads quickly for your visitors and is optimized for search engines including Google search index.

With EverWeb 4.1 we continue to offer new tools to easily design a website exactly that way you want.

So What's New In EverWeb 4.1?

With the release of EverWeb 4.1, we poured our energy and expertise into improving the features essential for developing professional, fast-loading websites that stand out in search engine rankings, especially on Google. EverWeb 4.1 is more than an upgrade; it significantly enhances your websites with just the click of a button.

Automatic Image Optimization: 100% Faster Websites

EverWeb 4.1 introduces a transformative feature - automatic image optimization. This new feature automatically converts images to the Webp format and resizes them for faster loading webpages. Your website's loading time will be significantly faster, offering an improved experience for your visitors. Just select the image optimization option under File->Edit Publishing Settings and watch as EverWeb speeds-up your site instantly.

This speed-up also helps improve your search engine rankings since Google and other search engines prefer fast loading sites.

EverWeb Optimized & Converts Images to WebP FormatLazy Loading Images: Smart Loading for a Smooth Experience

Our new lazy loading feature for images, located in Inspector->Shape Settings->Image Fill, ensures your website content loads as quickly as possible, enhancing user engagement by reducing wait times.EverWeb 4.1 Lazy Loading Images

Awesome Video Backgrounds

Transform your website's background into a dynamic video canvas. This feature, accessible via Inspector->Page Settings->Browser Settings, lets you add full screen video backgrounds. You can also add an awesome parallax scrolling effect to your background videos.

EverWeb 4.1 Background videos

Enhanced Background Image Controls

EverWeb 4.1 brings you advanced options for customizing your page backgrounds. Now found under Inspector->Page Settings->Browser Settings and Inspector->Page Settings->Page Background, these tools allow further customization in how browser and page backgrounds are displayed. Giving you more design options and control.

'Check Page' Feature: Streamlining Web Page Optimization

Improvements to the Check Page feature provides additional recommendations to fine-tune your web pages, ensuring they meet high current web standards and search engine guidelines. Plus you will see exactly how to fix and configure each page on your site.

Code Quality Improvements: W3C Standards-Compliant

The code generated by EverWeb now aligns more closely with W3C specifications, ensuring your website's compatibility and performance across different platforms and browsers. EverWeb will use modern CSS and HTML when publishing your website that still conforms to industry standards.

Bug Fixes & Improvements

We've addressed various bugs, including a 500 error on preview, issues with the Stripe Payment widget, Contact Form Enhancements and more.

Windows compatibility has been improved in our EverWeb for Windows version as well.

Download EverWeb 4.1 Today

EverWeb 4.1 is not just an update; it's a commitment to providing you with a versatile, user-friendly platform for creating websites that resonate with your audience. Our focus is on simplifying the web design process while offering powerful features that cater to your creative needs.

Download EverWeb 4.1 today and take advantage of these new features today. This update is free for all hosting customers and for  users with an active EverWeb Standalone upgrade & support plan.