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New Widget Roundup: Easy Image Galleries, Promotions & More

Friday, September 29, 2023 7:10 PM

Over the past few weeks a number of new EverWeb widgets have been released. These new & updated widgets seamlessly integrate with EverWeb 4's new Global Styles feature, enabling you to define global fonts and colors across your website for a professional and consistent design.

From promoting new products, displaying your images in galleries or sliders and more, these new widgets add to the over 100 powerful EverWeb Add-ons that are currently available.

New Arrivals from EverWeb Garden

Attention Bar Widget for EverWeb

Announcing a new product or sharing an important update is now easier with the Attention Bar Widget. It displays a message at the top of your browser, allowing your website content to gracefully move down, making space for the announcement. With animation and color-changing features, it's designed to capture your visitors' attention. Plus, it remembers the preferences of your visitors, whether they choose to close the message or keep it open.

Categories Table Widget for EverWeb (Premium Widget):

Organize your content efficiently with the Categories Table Widget. Create a grid that can be filtered by two levels of categories, along with a search field. It's ideal for displaying lots of images, products, or any content you would like your visitors to be able to search. The widget also includes a pop-up window feature for more information or direct links to other pages on your website or external sites. Importing your product information via a CSV file is also supported, which makes it a versatile tool for your website.

  1. Show More List Widget for EverWeb:

  2. Make your website more interactive with the Show More List Widget. Create a list of items with a "show more" link to unveil an unlimited number of additional list items. This widget also comes with a new Import feature allowing you to easily import a CSV file with list items, making it a robust tool for organizing and displaying content on your website.

  3. Latest Enhancements from EW Galleries:

  4. Categories Image Gallery Update:

  5. The Categories Image Gallery is a great way to show off your images and separate them into multiple categories.

  6. Adding images to your gallery is now a breeze with the drag-and-drop feature. The lazy loading technique ensures faster page load times, especially when you have a lot of images. Now with support for EverWeb 4.0's new global styles, adding captions to your images has never been easier.

    Image Carousel Update:

    The Image Carousel widget has been updated to work seamlessly with EverWeb 4.0. The drag-and-drop functionality simplifies adding your images, making it a great tool for photographers eager to showcase their work in an easy to use image slider.

  7. Easy Responsive Image Gallery Widget for EverWeb:

    The Easy Responsive Image Gallery Widget offers a quick and powerful, responsive image gallery. With features including; styled image captions, image ALT text, customizable image scaling, and automatic full-screen previews, creating an attractive image gallery that works on any device is simple. 

  8. The lazy loading of images and drag-and-drop functionality ensure a faster website load time and the ability to quickly add all of your images.

  9. Any of these widgets can also be used with the iWeb & Sandvox image & photo gallery importers discussed in details over at iWebUnlimited.com. Now you can import your older Photo Galleries into the new, modern galleries discussed above.

  10. Even More EverWeb Widgets Are Available

  11. There are over 100 EverWeb add-ons and widgets available in our searchable database. Find the perfect addition to your EverWeb website on our EverWeb Add-ons page.