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Coming Soon: Monetize Your EverWeb Website With Membership Sites

Monday, July 31, 2023 3:43 PM

Calling all coaches, fitness  professionals, religious institutions, schools, and more! Our new Membership & Subscriber platform is here.

The biggest new feature in EverWeb 4.0 is our all new, fully featured Membership & Subscription Service. Now you can easily monetize your EverWeb websites.

Now anyone who wants to password protect certain sections of their website and charge for entry can easily do this with EverWeb's all new Membership Sites Platform.

It's Easy For Your Customers To Subscribe

EverWeb will handle everything for you, from creating secure login forms, handling payment & invoices, protecting your data, and more.

Simply set up your Membership Levels and mark the pages on your EverWeb site that should be accessible to these levels and EverWeb will take care of the rest.

EverWeb Membership Levels & Packages

With EverWeb's Membership Sites you can set your Payment terms including price, payment schedule, free trials and more. EverWeb will handle collecting payments for you. Plus, when a customer is overdue, their account can be automatically suspended until they renew their subscription.

Membership Packages for EverWeb Subscriptions

Securely Password Protect Your Website Content

EverWeb will securely protect your content so that only paying subscribers can access it. You can define exactly which parts of your website can be accessed and by which subscribers.

If someone tries to access your password protected content, they will have to either sign up or log in with their email and password.

EverWeb Membership Login

Everything is handled for you, including security, password protection, account creation and more. EverWeb Membership Sites can even block users who try to login too many times with an incorrect password and will use double factor authentication for irregular log in attempts to help prevent unauthorized access.

Subscriber Management is Easy!

You can easily manage all of your subscribers from your client area. All of your subscriber details are easily accessible from anywhere, including your computer, tablet, or phone.

Our member management tools will let you search your database of subscribers, see their profile details and even know when they last logged in. You can suspend, cancel or change their membership packages quickly and easily, even without access to your EverWeb project file or computer.

EverWeb Membership Subscriber Management

We also offer advanced tools such as sending mass, personalized emails to all, or some, of your subscribers. This lets you send updated news & announcements with ease.

Send Mass, Personalized Emails to Your Subscribers

Make sure your subscribers are always up to date with mass, personalized emails. Select the subscribers you want to contact and send them emails that are personalized to each individual subscriber, all with one-click.

With advanced tags you can prefill your emails with your subscribers' data so they will see only direct, personalized notifications. 

Plus, you can follow your country's anti-spam laws by only emailing subscribers who have opted in to your marketing and update notifications.

EverWeb Membership Mass Emails

The mass emailer also lets you save messages as templates so you can easily resend announcements whenever you need.

You can also see how successful your email campaigns are as we track who opens your emails for you.

Advanced Discounts, Coupon & Promotions

Our Membership Platform lets you offer discounts and promotions with coupons. You can create an unlimited amount of coupons offering a percentage or fixed discount amount.

Coupons are also a great way to track your advertising campaigns and promotions as you can easily see how often specific coupons are used.

Coupons are a powerful way to attract new subscribers.

EverWeb Membership Coupon Codes

Try EverWeb's New Membership Sites Platform Today

You can get immediate access to the all new Membership Platform with EverWeb 4.0 beta. Simply visit the EverWeb 4.0 forum announcement post to get the download & installation details.

We have worked very hard on this new platform, and we hope you love it!