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EverWeb's All New Global Styles & Colors

Tuesday, November 21, 2023 5:34 PM

One of the highlights in EverWeb 4.0 is the Global Styles feature. These powerful new settings will help you ensure consistency in your design and the ability to quickly and easily update all styles across your entire website with ease. Here's how to harness the full potential of Global Styles in EverWeb, whether you're designing your website on macOS or Microsoft Windows.

Accessing EverWeb's Global Styles

Before diving into the details, it’s essential to access the Global Styles editor. You can find it under the Format menu; just navigate to 'Default Styles' after opening your project file. This is your starting point for defining the look and feel of your website's text and colors.

Setting Up Default Styles

At the heart of the Global Styles dialog box, you'll see the Default Settings section. This is where you can establish the baseline for your TextBoxes, Shape Objects, and Hyperlinks. Choosing your default font family, size, and color here means that every new object you create will carry these settings, maintaining a uniform style throughout your site.EverWeb Global Style Editor

Preferred Fonts and Paragraph Styles

Moving on from your default settings, you can now define a Preferred Fonts list, particularly useful for widgets like the Text Section and FlexBox. The list starts with nine web-safe fonts, but adding your favorites is as easy as selecting and clicking 'Add'. You can customize the order of fonts by dragging and dropping the fonts in the list to re-arrange them

Paragraph Styles offer another layer of customization. EverWeb comes with eight predefined styles, but the true magic happens when you personalize them. Adjust properties such as font name, color, background color and font size, which can also be set to scale smoothly across devices with the minimum font size setting. You can even set backup fonts for visitors who may visit your site without having the default font available.

Defining Your Site’s Color Palette with Document Colors

Define your site’s color palette under 'Document Colors' and use it consistently across your pages. All color selection controls will give you access to these colors. If you decide to change a color here, it updates everywhere it’s been applied on your site.

Accessing Global Styles When Editing Your EverWeb Website

Wherever you need to adjust fonts and styling you can access your Global Styles. From editing a regular shape's text, blog posts or widgets, you can easily select any global style you have defined. If you ever change a setting in your Global Styles, the changes will be reflected wherever you have used them.

Select Global Styles in EverWev

Global Styles in EverWeb is a feature that once set up, works seamlessly in the background, making your website building process more streamlined and updating your website so much easier. It’s a set-it-and-forget-it kind of tool that will save you countless hours of manual adjustments.

Whether you're starting a new project or sprucing up an existing one, Global Styles is an indispensable feature in your web design toolkit. Give it a try in EverWeb 4.0.