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EverWeb 4.0 Major Release: Membership Site, SEO Check Page, Global Styles + More

Tuesday, October 3, 2023 10:52 AM

We are extremely excited to announce EverWeb 4.0 is now available. So much has been added to this release, it's hard to know where to start!

EverWeb 4.0 focuses on improving ease of use of website designing and monetizing your websites with the all new Membership Sites.

See What's New In EverWeb 4.0 or Read More Below

Membership Sites (BETA) 🛡️

What's New:

EverWeb 4.0 now allows you to create membership and subscription-based websites. You can password-protect specific pages and even charge customers for entry. EverWeb will handle the entire process, including payment processing, subscriber activation, and secure login.

You can manage all of your subscribers from your client area on any device.

You can even set up discounts, trial periods and send out mass, personalized emails to some or all of your subscribers.

Start for free with our Membership Packages or check out an online demo.

Use Cases:

  • Content Creators: Offer premium content to subscribers, such as exclusive articles, videos, or tutorials.

  • Online Courses: Create a members-only area where students can access course materials and quizzes.

  • Religious or Special Interest Organizations: Manage all your members easily. Let them pay online and automatically send them invoicies and renewal reminders

Global Styles & Colors 🎨

What's New:

Now you can define global styles and colors and use them anywhere on your website. Whenever you need to update your website's design or styling, simply adjust your global styles and your entire website will be updated.

You can even add backup fonts to be used if your visitor doesn't have your selected font installed on their computer.

Global Styles & Colors can be used with TextBoxes, Blogs, Widgets and anywhere you add text content to your website.

EverWeb Global Styles & Colors

Check Page & Search Engine Suggestions 🔍

What's New:

The all new 'Check Page' feature provides detailed suggestions for optimizing your web pages for search engines, helping you to improve your site's rankings and usability.

You will now get step-by-step suggestions for improving your website's search engine rankings and EverWeb will show you step-by-step where you need to make the suggested changes.

SEO CheckPage in EverWeb 4.0

Improved Contact Forms 📝

What's New:

Contact forms have been significantly improved with new layout options, columns features, and various new form controls. We've also added additional features to existing form controls to give you better control over what can be entered into each field and collected from your website visitors.

For example, you can now arrange form controls horizontally in mutliple columns which can reduce scrolling when your visitors are filling out your forms.

Additional Features in Release Notes 📜

  • Responsive Font Sizes: Your fonts and can grow or shrink automatically depending on the size of your visitor's web browser providing a better mobile and desktop experience from one design.

  • Custom File Extensions: Including .php, allowing you to add PHP code to your EverWeb sites.

  • EverWeb SiteShield: The most advanced website security is now compatible with third-party hosting providers, making it easier to secure your website.

There is even more available in this release, you can check out the full release notes.

Download the latest version from our Downloads page or using the Check for Update feature within EverWeb.

EverWeb 4.0 is free for EverWeb + Hosting customer and customers with an active EverWeb Standalone upgrade & support plan.