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New Contact Form Enhanced Features - Stay in Touch With Your Visitors

Thursday, September 15, 2022 5:03 PM

With the latest version of EverWeb, we've added even more features to the Contact Forms Enhanced Add-on. Collecting information from your visitors and keeping in touch with them has never been easier!

For a long time with the Contact Forms Enhanced add-on you could create completely customizable forms, with an unlimited number of fields, including File Uploads.

This means you can collect as much information as you like from your visitors.

Download Multiple File Attachments at Once

These file uploads would go to your backend client area where you could search, sort and export all of your form submission for easy managment. 

With the latest update to the Contact Forms Enhanced add-on you can now download all selected attachments at once.

Send Mass, Personalized Emails to All Your Submissions

We have now added the ability to send mass, personalized emails to all of your form submissions using mail tags.

Simply select the form submissions you want to reply to from your client area. You can select as many as you like. Then press the Send Mass Email button. From there you will get to the following screen.

You can add mail tags to your email message which are automatically replaced with whatever value your visitor sent you for the corresponding form field.

This means your emails will appear to be personalized to each recipient.

This is a great way to keep in touch with your visitors or update them with new products and announcements that you want to offer them.

No More SMTP Details - Send Email Using Our Mail Engine

There is no more complex set up or configuration!

With EverWeb 3.8 and the Contact Forms Enhanced Add-on you can now send email using our Mail Engine rather than having to configure your SMTP email details.

This means your emails come from your own email, but without the technical set up.

We have taken all of the technical set up and complexities out of your website so you can focus on what is most important to you.

Simply drag and drop the Contacts Forms Advanced widget onto your EverWeb website, add your form fields and your email address and you're done!

All The Features You Love Are Still Available

All of the advanced features are still available to you. These include;

  1. Unlimited form fields
  2. Complete customization of the look and feel of your forms
  3. Advanced form fields like calendars, time selection and file uploads
  4. SPAM Protection
  5. Confirmation emails that are automatically sent to your visitors upon submitting the form
  6. Redirecting users to another page once the form is submitted
  7. And so much more... 

How to Take Advantage of the New Contact Forms Enhanced Features

Any existing Contact Forms Advanced widget you have added to your website can immediately start using these new features.

You will need to add the Contact Forms Enhanced Add-on, but once you do, all of these great features are available to you.