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EverWeb 3.8 Released! Instant Preview, New UI, Contact Form Enhancements and more...

Wednesday, August 10, 2022 11:21 AM

EverWeb 3.8 is here and comes packed with new features and enhancements to make managing your EverWeb websites so much easier.

Watch our video to see what’s new or read more below.

Refreshed User Interface for macOS

The very first thing you will notice in EverWeb 3.8 if you are using macOS 10.15 or later is the updated and refreshed user interface. We updated the icons in the main editor window and in the Preferences. 

Instant Website Previews

In EverWeb 3.8 we built instant website previews. That means whenever you press the Preview button in EverWeb your website changes will immediately be shown in your web browser. Even if you make changes to every page on your site, you never have to wait for your entire website to publish again.

This makes designing and updating your website much faster and easier.

Contact Form Enhanced Features

Are your customers contacting you through your website? Many users have had trouble settng up their SMTP details to receive form submission notifications. We have added a new way to receive these notifications without having to set up anything. You now longer have to worry about configuring your email address.

But even better, you can follow up with any customer that has contacted you through your website from your client area.

You can send personalized, mass emails to any one who has ever contacted you before. Using ‘Tags’ you can automatically replace the email content with what your customer sent you on your site.

Mass Emails with Contact Forms Enhanced

Have an update for your visitors and want to let them know? Send them all a personalized email with one click! They will think you are reaching out to them individually.

All these features are included in the Contacts Forms Enhanced add-on available to all EverWeb users.

Better Image & Asset Management

With EverWeb 3.8 we added an all new feature to find and select all images being used on the current web page you are working on. This means you can easily group all images into a folder in your assets list.

New Asset Management in EverWeb 3.8

Plus we’ve added a whole bunch of improvements such as padding/spacing options for blog post images, improvements to FlexBox Widgets and more. If you are dragging images from your Photos app or the web, EverWeb does a better job at getting the proper name or title for the images when adding them to your website.

Download the latest EverWeb 3.8 today. It is free for all EverWeb + Hosting customers as well as EverWeb Standalone users with an active update and support plan.