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[Feature Spotlight] Coming in EverWeb 3.8: Contact Form Enhanced Features

Wednesday, July 20, 2022 1:06 PM

In EverWeb 3.8 we are making it even easier to use Contact Forms on your websites and stay in touch with your customers.

Send Contact Form Submission Emails with EverWeb

No more SMTP details or dealing with technical email setup! Now in EverWeb 3.8 we have a new ‘Mail Sending’ option in the Contact Forms Advanced widget. This means we will take care of all the hard work and everything will just work. Plus, with the Contact Forms Enhanced Add-on, all of your form submissions are organized nicely in your client area for you. 

Contact Forms Enhanced - Mail Sending

Stay in Touch With Your Customers

With the Contact Forms Enhanced Add-on we added a way to quickly and easily send emails to anyone who has ever filled out your contact forms before.

Best of all, you can even personalize these emails with the information your customers used when they contacted you.

EverWeb will replace the ‘Tags’ with your customer’s information that they submitted in your contact forms automatically.

That means you can easily follow up with customers with new products, services or to just keep in touch.