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EverWeb 3.7 Adds Force Download Option for PDFs, Improved Widgets and more...

Monday, April 25, 2022 8:26 AM

Introducing EverWeb 3.7, the latest update with a lot of improvements to EverWeb’s ease of use. Specifically with Responsive Rows, Slide Shows, linking to files and more.

We’ve used this opportunity to add some highly requested features but to also improve how EverWeb works under the hood. You will notice right away that Responsive Rows are easier to work with when moving embedded objects around within them. You will see proper indicators again of where objects are going to be dropped.

New Force Download Options

EverWeb 3.7 now includes a 'Force download’ option which is useful for PDFs or other files you want your visitors to download rather than to open and display in their web browser.

Widgets now get enhanced linking options so you have access to all of EverWeb’s linking features including;

  1. Linking to scroll positions
  2. Popup windows
  3. Link to the first, next and previous pages
  4. The option to specifiy a nofollow link and access to the new Force Download option

Contact Form Improvements

The contact forms advanced widget now lets you set drop down menus to be required so that your visitors must select one of the options.

If you have the Contact Forms Enhanced add-on you can also download file attachments right from within the form submission email you receive after someone fills out your online form.

PayPal & eCommerce Enhancements

The PayPal eCommerce Widget gets the ability to specify multi-quantity discounts. You can add a fixed amount or percentage discount for multiple quantities purchased with the PayPal Widget.

Plus More New Features & Enhancements

We’ve added a lot of smaller features and enhancements in EverWeb 3.7 including improvements to how text objects are exported on responsive pages,  borders of shapes with no fill settings, slide show fill option improvements and so much more.

The complete list of changes can be found in the 3.7 release notes.

Download EverWeb 3.7

You can download EverWeb 3.7 from the downloads page or by lauching EverWeb and going to the EverWeb menu and selecting ‘Check for Updates’.

If you have an active EverWeb Standalone Upgrade & Support Plan or you are a hosting customer, this update is free for you.

Let us know what you think of this latest update!