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EverWeb for Windows Now Available + EverWeb 3.9.1 Released

Thursday, December 1, 2022 7:51 AM

We are very excited to announce the release of EverWeb for Windows. Now you can use your favorite website builder on both Mac and Windows computers.

EverWeb for Windows works just like the Mac version, so if you are comfortable with EverWeb already, you can begin using it on Windows right away. Your project files can be used on either operating system.

What to Know About EverWeb for Windows

Although the Mac & Windows versions of EverWeb are essentially the same, there are some differences because of the way the operating systems work.

Your EverWeb project files on Windows will be an actual folder, not a single file. If you only use your project file from the Projects window then you will not notice this. However, if you try and double click a project file from the Windows Explorer, it will open as a folder and you will see all the files inside. 

Do not change, rename or move any of the files in your Project's folder!

Instead, you can double click the file ending in .ewwinproj and it will open in EverWeb. You can also drag and drop the entire project folder onto the EverWeb icon on your Desktop or onto the EverWeb Projects Window if you don't see that file.

Transfer an EverWeb Project File from Mac to Windows

There are a variety of ways you can easily transfer your project file from your Mac to your Windows computer. Firstly, to access any project you can open the Projects window in EverWeb and click the little arrow (or circle with 3 dots) besides the project you want to transfer and select 'Show On Disk'.

Then you can copy that project file to a USB drive, or even using a free service such as Dropbox.

Multi-Platform License for Mac & Windows

If you are an EverWeb + Hosting customer the Windows version is free for you to use and there is nothing more you have to do but download and install EverWeb on your Windows computer.

If you have previously purchased EverWeb Standalone you will have a Mac license. When you purchase EverWeb now you will have the option to purchase for Mac, Windows or Multi-Platform. If you want to use EverWeb on both your Mac and Windows computer there is a one time $24.95 USD license fee.

To purchase the multi-platform add-on login to your account and go to Services->My Services and select your EverWeb Standalone account. Then go to configuration options and select the Multi-Platform license from the drop down menu. You will be directed to the check out page. Once you pay for the Multi-Platform upgrade you can immediately start using EverWeb on both Mac and Windows. You may need to quit and relaunch EverWeb first.

If you just want to use EverWeb on Windows only, there is no additional fee and you can just select 'Windows' when purchasing your license.

Fonts Used On Your Mac May Not Be Available on Windows

Some fonts that you have used on your Mac, may not be available on Windows. You should make sure you install any Google or Third party fonts you have used on your Mac version onto your Windows computer.

How to Download EverWeb For Windows

You can download EverWeb for Windows from our downloads page and install it right away. Since EverWeb for Windows is so new, your version of Windows may show a security warning that requires a few extra steps. The warning says that EverWeb for Windows is not a commonly downloaded application. We have outlined the steps here to fully download and Install EverWeb for Windows.

We welcome any feedback you may have and look forward to continue to improve EverWeb for Mac & Windows.