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Dividers & Separator Styles in EverWeb 3.9

Thursday, November 17, 2022 8:19 AM

One of the coolest features we've added to EverWeb 3.9 is the ability to have divider styles applied to any element on your EverWeb website.

The new dividers feature allows you to add some amazing new designs to any EverWeb website. They work great on desktop and mobile devices automatically and are especially useful when using responsive rows or full width objects.

The concept of a dividers is to provide a nice transition design between sections on your EverWeb site. You will notice them throughout our updated website here and on EverWebGarden.com

This video tutorial will show you exactly how to use Dividers on your EverWeb website.

Adding a Divider to an Object on Your Website

To add a divider to a page on your website, select any object on your page and go to the Inspector->Shape Settings and scroll down to the Dividers section.

From here, you can enable dividers on the top and/or bottom of the selected object. 

Then you can select your divider style as there are many to choose from. Adjust the settings such as height, width, color and transparency to match the look you want. 

You also have control on how the divider is displayed on the selected page object. Some of the most useful options are the 'Place outside element' and the 'Flip vertically' check boxes. These options give you additional control on how the divider is displayed and can provide some really beautiful effects.

Divider styles in EverWeb 3.9

Why Use Dividers on Your EverWeb Site?

The new divider styles are a great way to add some design flair to your page design. They let you adjust a clear separator between sections of your website and provide a beautiful, modern look and feel.

Download EverWeb 3.9 today and try out the new Dividers feature on your site.