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All New EverWeb 3.9 Includes Stripe Payments, Beautiful Dividers and more...

Sunday, November 6, 2022 6:22 AM

We've packed so much into EverWeb 3.9 it will be hard to cover it all in just one blog post! Some major new features are now available to help in your website design, selling your products online, search engine optimization and more!

First, you can watch what's new in EverWeb 3.9 below where we highlight the major new features. 

EverWeb for Windows Now Available

EverWeb can now be used on Windows or Mac. Just visit the EverWeb download page and start designing and managing your website on Windows today.

EverWeb for Windows works just like the Mac version but updated and refined for Windows.

Stripe.com Payments For Selling Your Products & Services

You can now easily set up a Stripe payment account to sell your products and services directly through your website. It's quick and easy with the all new Stripe Payment widget. Just like with our PayPal widget, the Stripe Payment Widget makes it easy to sell online and accept payments through your website.Stripe Payments & Credit Cards

All New Dividers Let You Add Some Flair To Your Website

The new dividers features in EverWeb lets you add awesome new designs to any element, picture or responsive row on your website. Dividers are like fancy borders where you can choose one of the included design patterns for any element on your webpage. They look beautiful and add some uniqueness to your site.EverWeb Dividers

Improved Search Engine Rankings with Header Tags

You can specify any text on your site as h1 through h6 header tags. Header Tags are used by search engines to understand the important keywords and text on your site. They are a great way to highlight important content on your site both for search engines and your website visitors.

Import Older iWeb Image Galleries into Any EverWeb Gallery

Now you can import any existing iWeb Gallery you may have into EverWeb in just seconds! You can import older galleries into the regular EverWeb Image Gallery or the Responsive Gallery. All captions are also automatically imported for you as well!

Even More New Features & And Enhancements

We've packed even more new features including a new 'Overlap' layout for Responsive Rows, a dark mode option for the blog editor and more. The full release notes can be found in the change log.

Updating To EverWeb 3.9

You can use the 'Check for Update' feature in EverWeb's about window or download from our Website. This version is free for all EverWeb + Hosting account and all users with an active update and support plan with EverWeb Standalone.