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EverWeb 3.6 Is here! Slide Shows and Enhanced Website Security

Thursday, January 13, 2022 10:19 AM

We’ve worked really hard on EverWeb 3.6 combining the ability to easily create more modern websites and improving your website’s security with the most up to date security settings.

In EverWeb 3.6, we highlighted two important major features, along with additional improvements to speed and blogging.. 

Image Slide Shows in EverWeb

In EverWeb 3.6 we have added Slide Show Fill options for all shapes. This means you can easily add slide shows to any shape with customized design and image transitions.

In addition, Responsive Rows can be set to Slide Show fill and each slide will act as it’s own tab. This means each slide can have its own text, images or widgets allowing you to highlight specific products, services or offerings.

This works great to place at the top of your web page to show off various offerings without requiring your visitors to scroll your page.

Slide Shows can have automatic transitons after a period of time and can have their design match your webpage’s design. They are fully customizable from the Inspector.

Enhanced Website Security with New Site Shield Add-on Features

In EverWeb 3.6 we have added a new Advanced button to Site Shield Add-on users that lets you enable security features on your website. This helps protects against advanced code injections, malicious code and more. With a simple check of a button, you can fully secure your EverWeb website.

EverWeb takes care of all the technical set up. You don’t have to make any changes besides checking the boxes provided in the above dialog.

Major Speed Up & Blogging Improvements

You should find EverWeb 3.6 dramatically faster when designing your webpages. We have enhanced EverWeb’s underlying drawing engine to make general use significantly faster.

We have also improved the staability of the blog editor and added the ability to add ALT tags to blog post images.

Download & Install EverWeb 3.6 Today

You can download EverWeb 3.6 from the downloads page or use the Check For Update feature within EverWeb. 

We hope you love all the new features while we work on EverWeb 3.7!