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Website Search Coming in EverWeb 3.5

Friday, February 12, 2021 2:20 PM

We are hard at work with EverWeb 3.5 and have some exciting new features coming.

The biggest feature we have been working on is Website Search. Now you can easily add a site wide search feature to your EverWeb website that lets your visitors easily find what they’re looking for on your site.

Easily Add Sitewide Search to Your EverWeb Website

The all new search feature is extremely easy to set up. There are two widgets you can use, the main one will be the Search Field widget which provides the actual search functionality for your site.

Drag and drop the search field widget to any web page and modify it to fit your web page design. The design options are extremely flexible.

The behavior section gives you three options for displaying search results;

  1. Drop down menu will show a list of results under the search bar
  2. Popup window will show a modal window on the same page with your search results
  3. One of my pages will redirect you to a page of your choice to show the results

If you choose the 'One Of My Pages' option then you will need to put the ‘Search Results’ Widgets on that page.

For the other options you will be able to adjust the settings for the search results within the 'Search Field' Widget inspector including; Text styles, which sections to show, how many results to show etc...

Further down the inspector you can adjust the appearance and font  styles of the search field to match the design of your website.

Both the search button and text field appearance can both be adjusted from the Inspector as shown in the screenshot.

There are infinite styles options you can apply to the search bar. A few customizations can be seen below.

If you have select the ‘One of My Pages’ option for the search results, you just need to add a new page to your website. Then add the ’Search Results’ widget to your new page.

Adjust the settings for how you would like the search results to display including the font styling, link behavior and more. Your results will look like the following below;

EverWeb 3.5 is Coming Soon!

EverWeb 3.5 will be available soon! Plus we have a whole bunch more features coming. Stay tuned, and get ready to add site wide search to your EverWeb websites.