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EverWeb 3.3.1 Released!

Monday, July 27, 2020 8:02 AM

We’ve released EverWeb 3.3.1 with a list of important bug fixes and enhancements. This version brings improved stability to EverWeb 3.3 as we worked out some of the kinks with the last release.

Most notably you’ll find copying and pasting Responsive Rows will now copy the actual contents of the Responsive Row. The Image Gallery's bottom pagination options work properly and Contact Form email messaging has been improved for some servers that have certain sending restrictions.

We’ve fixed a few possible crash dialogs that would appear while resizing the main EverWeb window.

Using Google Fonts and bold/italic styling with widgets and blog posts has been improved as well for this release.

EverWeb 3.3.1 is a highly recommended stability update for EverWeb 3.3 users. You can download it from our Downloads Page or use the Check for Update feature under the EverWeb menu.

For a reminder of what’s new in EverWeb 3.3, watch the video below.