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Upcoming in EverWeb 3.3: Find everything you're looking for

Monday, June 8, 2020 3:08 PM

In EverWeb 3.3 we’ve focused on refinements. We’ve made EverWeb easier to work with, faster, and added some highly requested new features.

Some of the improvements we’ve added for the latest 3.3 release includes; searching.

Find Anything You Need!

With EverWeb 3.3 we’ve added a web page list navigator which lets you search for pages by page name and also adds back and forward navigation buttons underneath the web page list.

This means you can easily go back to the last page you were working on at the click of a button.

Find your pages easily

Tip: In EverWeb 3.2 we added a 'Follow Link’ right click menu item so you can click on your text links and go directly to the page on your site you linked to in your web page list. Combined with EverWeb 3.3’s new page search and navigation feature, finding what you need in EverWeb is so much easier!

Since we have so many great third party widgets, EverWeb now includes a search field to easily find any installed widgets. Just start typing and you can find the widget you’re looking for.

Search Widgets in EverWebLastly the ‘Add Page’ button also gets the same functionality letting you easily find specific templates in the over 200 templates that are included for free with EverWeb.

Search For Your Template

What About Searching On My Website?

If you didn’t see it last week, our friends over at EverWebPowerUp released a free Blog search widget. Now you can easily add search capabalities to your EverWeb blog for free.

Blog Search Widget for EverWeb

Where can I download EverWeb 3.3?

EverWeb 3.3 is currently being beta tested. We released a public beta beta version you can download and start using today on our discussion forum.

We have a lot more features included in EverWeb 3.3 so check it out and let us know what you think.