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Now Available: Speed Up Your Website With EverWeb 3.3

Sunday, June 21, 2020 11:15 PM

We’re happy to announce EverWeb 3.3 is here and there’s lots to get excited about!

Speed Improvements Everywhere! 

We’ve focused on improving speed both while using EverWeb and on your published website.

With just a re-publish of your website you can instantly take advantage of our all around speed improvements for your EverWeb website. A new technique to defer loading of certain webpage scripts significantly improves website speed for your visitors and improves search engine rankings.

With just a republish of your wesite, you cna take advantage of improved Google Page Speed of 50% or more.

The most drastic speed improvement will come from websites that use any Widgets, either those provided by EverWeb or third party scripts but all websites built with EverWeb will benefit from these improvements.

EverWeb’s Entire Experience Has Been Optimized

We completely changed the underlying EverWeb framework so that working within EverWeb is drastically faster. Widgets will experience a 700%+ speed up when updating properties from the Inspector or resizing your EverWeb window in the responsive layout mode.

Blog post editing is smoother and faster, adding new pages, opening projects and even previewing or publishing your website will be dramatically faster in this release.

Improved Responsive Image Galleries & Popup Windows

We’ve completely changed how the Image Gallery widget and popup window links look and work within your web browser.  They work better on mobile and tablet screens and provide a more modern appearance for all visitors.

No change is required by you, just republish your website to take advantage of these changes.

Find Everything With Search

We’ve added a new page search feature so you can easily find any page while you are working on it within the EverWeb software. Widgets can now be searched as well as templates from the ‘Add Page’ window.

With all the third party widgets available, this new feature will definitely come in handy for any user with lots of widgets installed. Our blog post from last week covers the new searching features in EverWeb.

Widget Improvements

In this new release of EverWeb we’ve added the ability to update multiple widgets at the same time. So for example if you have a number of PayPal widgets you can now select all them all and update the associated email address for them at once.

Specific widgets get some new features and important fixes such as the Contact Form which gets a new Transparent style, new appearance settings and fixes the required setting for checkboxes and radio buttons.

Lots More To See in EverWeb 3.3

We’ve included alot more in this release including fixing some long standing issues such as fixed background images on mobile devices, retina image issues and more. Full release notes for EverWeb 3.3 can be found here.

Download EverWeb 3.3 Today!

EverWeb 3.3 is available to download from our website or from the ‘Check For Update’ feature under the EverWeb menu while using EverWeb.

EverWeb 3.3 is free for all EverWeb + Hosting customers and EverWeb Standalone users with an active Update & Support plan. Check your client area account to see which account you have and whether this update is free for you.