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Upcoming in EverWeb 3.3: New Contact Form Styles & Features

Monday, May 11, 2020 6:24 PM

We’re hard at work with EverWeb 3.3 and have a lot of new features to showcase. We wanted to show you one feature we’ve been working on and that is improvements to the Contact Form Widget which comes with a new Form Style called ‘Transparent’.

New Contact Form Style: TransparentContact Form Advanced Transparent Style

The new Contact Form Advanced form style gives you a beautiful new contact form that’s been the latest trend in web design.

You get transparent fields with just a bottom border as shown in the screenshot.

The embedded grey label effect was created by selecting each form control and hiding the label field which you can do from the Inspector->Widget Settings. Then we added the placeholder text for the ‘Name', ‘Email' and ‘How can we help?' fields.

Lastly we adjusted the font, style and color from the Styling section of the Widget Settings so that the labels for ‘Product' and ‘Have You Worked With Us Before’ match the styling of the ‘Name’, ‘Emails’ and ‘How can we help?’ fields.

For the ‘Submit' button, we changed the settings to use a Styled Button. Then we made the button full width from the button alignment drop down menu so it extends the width of the form. 

When this form is used on a live website, the Submit button gets a beautiful mouse over and pressed effect.

You might notice something else interesting about this form. The ‘message’ field has a larger height than normal.

We’ve add the ability to specify the height of the ‘Text Area’ form control as well.

More Contact Form Features Added in EverWeb 3.3

Required Contact Form FieldsIn addition to the new Transparent Form Style and the ability to specify a height for the Text Area form control we’ve added a bunch of new improvements to Contact Forms.

Firstly, the Checkbox and Radio button controls will now respect the ‘Required’ option. You’ll see from the screenshot that if you don’t select an option for the Product control, the form validation warning will appear and the form control will be highlighted so your visitor knows exactly what they need to adjust.

We’ve incorporated a few enhancements including better error messages if you try and use the form while in preview.

We’ve optimized the code so it works better with your responsive, and even non-responsive websites.

Under the hood we’ve optimized all the code so that all widgets preview and publish much faster. 

You will find in EverWeb 3.3 that widgets are more responsive and faster than thay have ever been in previous versions of EverWeb.

Learn More About Contact Forms in EverWeb

Learn more about what you can do with EverWeb’s Contact Forms. Including;

  1. Unlimited contact form fields
  2. Fully customizable to match the look & style of your website
  3. Full spam protection
  4. Send confirmation emails to your visitors
  5. Get notified of every contact form submission
  6. Search, sort and export all your contact form submissions
  7. Get files sent to you directly from your website
  8. And so much more!

We’re so excited for EverWeb 3.3 and we have so much more to show off. Stay tuned for further updates, coming very soon!