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Your Visitors Can Send You Files Right From Your Website

Sunday, April 26, 2020 6:57 PM

Have you ever needed your website visitors to send you files directly from your website?

Perhaps you need to collect image files, PDF documents or anything else from your visitors.

With EverWeb, you can do this easily with the Contact Forms Advanced widget.

In this video tutorial we show you exactly how to do this step by step. In just a few minutes you can create a form on your website where your visitors can send you any type of file.

EverWeb Makes Receiving Files from Your Visitors Is So Easy

In order to get files from your visitors, simply drag and drop the 'Contact Form Advanced' widget to your web page. You will need the Contact Forms Enhanced Add-on which costs $29.95 USD/year but it gives you a whole bunch of new and time saving features for your forms.

The Contact Form features you get include;

  1. File Uploads directly from your website
  2. Form submissions all get sent to your client area where you can search and sort them 
  3. Export form submissions to CSV or Excel files
  4. Personalized confirmation emails that get sent to your visitors after submitting your form

Once you have purchased the Contact Forms Enhanced Add-on you can now add the ‘File Upload’ control to your forms. Select your Contact Form Advanced widget you added to your site and then go to Inspector->Widget Settings to edit the form controls.

Now your form is ready to receive file submissions from your visitors. You can add as many File Upload fields as needed. If you are using EverWeb + Hosting you can receive files up to 200MB. If you are using third party hosting your web host might have more restrictions on the number of files that can be sent to you or the size of the files that can be sent. 

Make sure to test your file upload forms once you publish.

Managing Files Sent to You From Your Visitors

After your visitor has sent you files from your Contact Form you can login to your client area and to see all form submissions and download any files they have sent. You can also search the list of form submission, sort them by any column or even export them to CSV or Excel file.

EverWeb Contact Form Compatibility

EverWeb’s Contact Form Enhanced Add-on and file uploads work with virtually all web hosting platforms. It requires PHP 5.6 or later which comes standard with most web hosts.

EverWeb + Hosting customers can use these forms without any configuration or changes. Just drag and drop the Contact Froms Advanced Widget on your website and start receiving file uploads from your visitors today.

Third party web hosting should work but you may be limited by file size uploads and number of files that can be sent from the form. Your web hosting provider will be able to help you understand what limitations that have on their servers.

New in EverWeb 3.2: Confirmaton Emails Sent To Your Visitors

New in EverWeb 3.2 are personalized confirmation emails that can be sent to your website visitors after they submit your form. 

If you want your visitors to get a confirmation email sent directly to their email after they send you a form, you can now do this easily from the Widget Settings tab in the Inspector for your Contact Forms. 

Scroll down to the bottom of the Contact Form Advanced Widget Settings until you see the following setting ‘Confirmation Email Settings’. 

The great thing about this feature is you can customize the confirmation email to use the data that your visitor has entered in your form. For example, if you have a form field called ‘name’ and the visitor enters their name as ‘Jim’ this confirmation email will send them an email starting with;

Hi Jim,

This is because any text within % and % will be replaced with the text entered in the field from the Contact Form.

With this feature, your visitors will get a personalized and professional email from you.

You can use any form field in this confirmation email. And as you can see from the default message the %allformdata% variable will automatically include all form fields the customer has entered.

Start Using Contact Forms Enhanced Today

All of these features are new in EverWeb 3.0 and later. EverWeb 3.2 includes confirmation emails, customized form validation errors (for example if a customer forgets to include a required field, you can show a custom warning to them), form spam protection and the ability to redirect visitors to another page on your site after they submit your form.

Professional contact forms are so easy with EverWeb. Let us know what you think in the comments below.