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EverWeb 3.2 is Here...Check out What's New!

Thursday, April 2, 2020 12:29 PM

We took some of the biggest customer requests and packed them into EverWeb 3.2, the latest update to EverWeb.

Prefer to watch what’s new? Check out the above video to see an overview of what’s new in EverWeb 3.2.

Contact Form ImprovementsContact Form confirmation emails

A customer comes to your website and wants to contact you? That’s no problem with EverWeb because it has a fully featured Contact Form builder built in. With EverWeb 3.2, we go many steps forward with some much needed improvements to the built in Contact Form.

Now with EverWeb 3.2 you can redirect users to any other page on your website after they submit your contact form. So if you want to collect payment information or just take them a new section on your website, that’s easy to do with Contact Forms in EverWeb.

We’ve also added customizable confirmation messages that get sent to your visitors after they submit their form. You can send personalized emails to your customers so they know you have received their request.

Blogging Enhancements

We’ve enhanced blogging features that allow you to customize the next and previous links on your blog posts. Instead of using blog titles, EverWeb can now use the text you specify in the Inspector settings for your blog post widget.

Image Gallery Improvements

The Image Gallery widget now lets you add customizable pagination options to both the top and bottom sections as well as style the paginations buttons to match your website design.

Scroll Positions for Responsive Pages

Now any object on your page can be marked as a scroll position which means you can directly link to any element on any page. This works great for responsive websites but also works for fixed width pages as well.

Website Speed Ups

Taking advantage of new browser features we have optimized how objects get exported from EverWeb to website code. Websites will publish faster and load faster in your browser. You don’t have to do anything, simply publish your website to take advantage of this features

E-commerce, Widgets & Other Improvements

We’ve updated many other features of EverWeb including e-commerce features, master pages which let you easily see which pages use a selected master page, EverWeb Cache management and more.

Download the latest version of EverWeb and start taking advantage of the new features added in version 3.2