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EverWeb Search Engine Optimization Video Updates

Saturday, February 29, 2020 4:03 PM

Are you looking to increase your rankings in Google, and other search engines and drive more traffic to your EverWeb website?

We have always provided a free SEO for EverWeb course which teaches you how to do this step by step. In fact, EverWeb makes it really easy to optimize your website for search engines.

Recently, we updated a number of our SEO video tutorials with some new EverWeb features and of course the updated EverWeb user interface.

We updated our Introduction to SEO which goes over what search engine optimization is so you have a good overview of what it means and what your strategy to drive more traffic from search engines will look like.

Introduction to Search Engine Optimization

Next we take a look at your web page file names which can help drive traffic to specific pages on your website. Including your targeted keywords in your page file names will help make sure that your website appears for those keywords.

Page File Names & Keywords

Lastly we look at title tags which serve two main purposes. They are the most important place to put your keywords AND they are what appear in Google’s search results page. They can entice searchers to click your link when they see it listed in their Google searches. 

Title Tags & Search Engine Results

Remember, when it comes to search engines, nothing is guaranteed. Our video course gives you the strategies to improve your search engine rankings but the ultimate decision on where Google lists your page and for what keywords is up to them.

The best strategy for search engines is;

  1. Include good text copy that contains the keywords and phrases you want to attract. Make sure you don’t just place a list of keywords but rather make sure your content naturally contains the keywords you are targeting. Google is also smart enough to recognize synonyms automatically for your keywords.
  2. Get other websites to link to your website. Links help improve your website’s rankings in all search engines
  3. Continually update your website with new content. A website that is continually updated with new content shows Google and other search engines that you are serious about your website. An EverWeb blog is a great way to continually add content to your website regularly.

Check back soon for more SEO videos and how to attract more visitors to your EverWeb website. We will be releasing more tips and tricks soon.