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Coming Soon: EverWeb 3.2 sends Contact Form Confirmations to Your Visitors

Tuesday, February 18, 2020 2:39 PM

With every release we work hard on improving the Contact Form Enhanced Widget because it is such an important part of the majority of websites.

Two major features we are announcing with EverWeb 3.2 and the Contact Form are;

  1. Confirmation emails that can be sent to your visitors
  2. An option to auto redirect your visitors to another page after sending the Contact Form

These two features have been highly requested and we are extremely excited to offer them to all our EverWeb users. In this blog post, I want to outline how exactly these features will work.

Confirmation Emails from the Contact Form

With EverWeb 3.2 in addition to receiving the form submission to your email as the website owner, you can now send a customizable email to your visitor who filled out the form.

This email is completely customizable. You can include all the form fields or just a few specific ones. You can even personalize the message with the visitor’s name if you include a ‘name' field in your form.

For example, looking at the screenshot on the right, you can add ‘variables’ that get replaced with what the visitor has entered into your Contact Form.

In the case below, we have a form field called ‘name'

So in our confirmation email if we enter ‘Hi %name%’ it will be replaced with the ‘name’ entered in the form field we have labeled ‘name’.

The special variable ‘allformdata’ will replace all the fields entered by the user and put them in the confirmation email.

A variable is marked with the percentage sign on either side of the form name. For example;


Let’s look at a sample form I have created with a number of form fields.

With the following field names I can create a confirmation email using any field name. For example;


Hi %name%,

We received an email from %email% using our online contact form. 

The product you are interested in is %product% for %date%.

We will check availability and get back to you as soon as we can.

Thank you for taking the time to contact us.

Best Regards,

Our Company!

The above message will be personalized for the visitor who filled out the form. 

In order to use the Contact Form Confirmation email you need to enable Spam Protection on the form to protect your website from possible spammers. Spam Protection is free and easy to set up in just a few minutes.

Redirect Users to Another Page After Sending Form

Another new feature in EverWeb’s Contact Forms is the ability to redirect users to another page on your website after they have filled out the form.

With EverWeb 3.2 you can decide what happens after your visitor clicks the ‘Send’ button. You can send them a confirmation email, redirect them to another page, or both.

For example, if you want to take them to a new ‘email sent' confirmation page, or a payment form, or anything else, you can now do this with EverWeb 3.2.

Additional Contact Form Features Coming in 3.2

In addition to the above features, we’ve fixed a few bugs and added a few minor features. In the confirmation email you receive from your visitor you can now remove any EverWeb ‘login’ or branding links. 

We’ve improved reliablity of sending emails as well in this version when you use your SMTP details.

EverWeb 3.2 Release Date?

We’re working hard on finalizing the next version of EverWeb. Currently we are running  a public beta on our forums that you can try. The official release will come in a few weeks with these features and a number of others ones.

We’re very excited and hope you are too! Let us know what you think in the comments.