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New SEO PowerUp & Automatic Search Engine Submission

Sunday, November 15, 2020 12:34 PM

You’ve built your website, now it’s time to tell the world. Your visitors are searching for you in Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines and EverWeb 3.4 just made it so much easier for you to be found!

The All New EverWeb SEO PowerUp Add-on

In EverWeb 3.4 you now have new options to mark pages as important, neutral or less important. This tells search engines which pages should take priority and be listed ahead of others. Optimize your website for search engines

For example, if you sell products, the product information page would be marked as more important while your privacy policy page might be marked as less important. This way, search engines will prioritize the more important pages in their search results.

You can also specify how often each page is updated so that search engines know when to come back and look for new content.

You also have the option to exclude pages from search engines so that they are never indexed. This is useful for private or personal details you don’t want to be found in search engines.

Lastly you can specify a page description and add page keywords. This helps search engines organize your web pages and display a text snippet in their search results.

When publishing your website EverWeb will generate an industry standard Search Engine XML Sitemap file and robots.txt file for you.

If you are an EverWeb + Hosting customer, EverWeb will automatically compress your website using gZIP compression. This makes website loading significantly faster and a fast loading website improves your search engine rankings dramatically. It also Improves the experience for your visitors. A faster loading website benefits your visitors and search engines!

Remember, in EverWeb 3.3 we signficantly improved our webpage generation engine making websites 50% faster or more. These optimizations are automatically applied to any website that publishes with EverWeb 3.3 or later.

Automatic Search Engine Submission

Each time you publish your website, EverWeb will notify search engines that your website has been updated so they will come back and re-index your site. 

EverWeb will notify Google, Bing, Yahoo and Alexa search engines automatically with each publish of your site. This is done without any manual work on your end.

Fast Loading Websites That Search Engines Love!

In EverWeb 3.3 we focused on optimizing the code behind the scenes for your EverWeb built sites. Our optimizations results in speed increases of 50% or more. The new gZip compression with EverWeb SEO PowerUp takes these optimizations further, and the best thing about them is that you don’t need to do anything. Just get the SEO PowerUp add-on and republish to your EverWeb Hosting account.

EverWeb SEO PowerUp Roundup!

EverWeb SEO PowerUp provides virtually a one-click solution to better optimized websites. With the click of a button and a few setting adjustments, you can improve your website’s rankings in all major search engines.

  1. Automatic page optimizations for search engines
  2. Adjust web page importance and change frequency
  3. Creation of XML Sitemap files
  4. Generate Robots.txt files
  5. Automatic Submission of website changes on each publish to all major search engines
  6. Compressed gZIP websites for EverWeb + Hosting customers for faster loading websites

How to Add EverWeb SEO PowerUp To Your Website

The EverWeb SEO PowerUp Add-on can be purchased from with your client area and going to Services->View Available Add-ons from the navigation menu. You can also follow this link to Purchase the EverWeb SEO PowerUp add-on.

Once you purchase, sign out and then back into your EverWeb account from the preferences or quit and relaunch. From the Page Settings inspector you now adjust the SEO settings for page importance, change frequency etc… 

When publishing your website, go to the File menu and select ‘Edit Publishing Settings’ and then select the ‘Optimize and Submit Your Website to Search Engines’ option. EverWeb will take care of the rest when you publish your website.