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EverWeb 3.0 Released With Advanced Contact Forms, Asset Organization, Improved Blogging and so much more!

Thursday, September 12, 2019 9:10 AM

EverWeb 3.0 just might be the biggest update yet, even bigger than EverWeb 2.8 which introduced easy Responsive Website Design.

You can jump right to the Downloads Page to download and install the update. This update is free for users with an active EverWeb Standalone account and all EverWeb + Hosting customers.

To update, just drag your old version to the trash and download this new version from our website.

Contact Form: Accept File Uploads, SPAM Protection & New Styling Options

EverWeb 3.0 has a significantly enhanced Contact Forms with a number of major new features. Some of these new features require the all new Contact Forms Enhanced Add-on.

  1. You can now accept file uploads on your forms
  2. You can sort, search and manage all form submissions from your client area 
  3. You can now view and export all Contact Form submissions as a CSV file and open them Excel, Numbers or import into a database
  4. Easy SPAM protection to prevent unwanted emails
  5. New ‘Modern’ form theme
  6. New Styling options to set a form control’s background color, size and padding around itself
  7. New Styling options for the Submit button to easily create beautiful CSS based buttons with no coding
  8. Define placeholder text for text fields

With these new features, EverWeb now includes one of  the most robust and easy to use Contact Form builders built in. Accepting file uploads, and viewing, managing and exporting Contact Form submissions are a paid add with the all new Contact Forms Enhanced Add-on. The rest of the features are free for all EverWeb users to use.

Asset List Organization & Management

With EverWeb 3.0 we’ve added enhanced Asset List management which means you can now organize Assets into folders and subfolders. Images, PDFs, videos and external website files can be organized so you can find them easier and categorize them based on how you use them on your website.

We created a Feature Spotlight post for Asset Management a few weeks ago.

Significant Speed Improvements

While using EverWeb, all users will enjoy significant speed improvements, especially when using lots of Widgets set to Full Width. We’ve optimized every aspect of EverWeb and you should see EverWeb has significant speed improvements when resizing or scrolling pages.

Websites with lots of Widgets will see a major speed improvement when loading and searching for assets.

Opening, saving and publishing websites will also be faster and more responsive.

Blogging Improvements with Responsive Cover Images & Paginations

Now for those EverWeb power bloggers we’ve added some new styling options for images so you can have full width cover photos on your Blog Archive pages. 

We’ve also added a Pagination option for Blog Archives so your Blog Posts don’t take forever to scroll or create super long pages.

We highlighted the new Blogging features in our Blogging Features Spotlight Post.

PayPal Widget Styling Options

The PayPal widget gets a new Buy Button styling option letting you easily create beautiful Buy Now buttons that match the style of your website without having to create an image. You can create cool mouse over transitions as well.

Downloading Free Templates

As long time EverWeb users know, we constantly release free, professionaly designed website templates. All you have to do is go to the EverWeb menu and select ‘Check for New Templates’. 

Since we were releasing so many new templates we had to revamp this window allowing you to pick and choose which templates you want to download and install as well as preview them in your web browser.

Dozens of New Website Templates

EverWeb 3.0 includes over two dozen new website templates that you can use with the new features in version 3.0. Use the 'Check For New Templates' option under the EverWeb menu to download them.

Background Fill Options for Widgets

Now, all widgets can take advantage of the Inspector->Shape Options->Fill options so you can apply background colors, gradients, and image fills to any Widget you add to your website.

This is particularly useful for FlexBox and Image Gallery Widgets which let you easily customize the background without having to use a Responsive Row widget.

Styled Text Editor for Widgets

Any Widget that uses the Styled Text Editor will now benefit from a 'Full Screen' button to make text entry easier. This applies to FlexBox, PayPal, Text Section and so many more.

Responsive Web Design Enhancements

Widgets like Responsive Row, Flexbox, Image Gallery and Text Section get a new option to set a maximum content width so you can specify how much room objects within these widgets can spread out. These options work great with the new background fill options to give you more design flexibility.

Now widgets can be set to not expand to the exact size of the browser window so your visitors on large monitors will get a more consistant website design.

Bugs Fixes & More...

We’ve squashed a huge number of bugs including;

  1. Issues with webpage background images on mobile devices
  2. Duplicated pages with only numbers in their name
  3. Links in Image Galleries would be auto set to # in some cases
  4. Padding in Responsive Rows could lead to horizontal scrolling on mobile devices
  5. Styled Editor for Widgets would not show the selected text size properly
  6. Selecting all text in a Text Object or using arrows keys didn’t always work properly for TextBoxes
  7. Improved exporting of web pages with a gradient background. It now uses CSS when possible instead of images
  8. Youtube widget changes to correspond with YouTube’s changes
  9. Fixed issues with the Contact Form on third party web hosts
  10. Fixed a rare crash after opening the New Page window 
  11. Free Stock Photos now download properly
  12. Object Hypelinked indicator now appears properly for all objects
  13. Font Window works for all Styled Text Entry Editors in Widgets
  14. Improvements while using EverWeb with multiple external monitors
  15. Publishing a website with text boxes that had lots of styled changes not publishes more consistantly with the design you see in EverWeb
  16. Updated translations for Spanish, Italian, French & German