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EverWeb 3.0 Feature Spotlight: Blog Hero Images & Pagination

Sunday, June 30, 2019 9:46 AM

If you check out our new Blog Posts page you will see a couple new enhancements to EverWeb’s blogging platform which makes designing and managing your blog much more flexible.

The first new feature is cover images, also known as hero images, for the blog posts. This takes the ‘Post Cover Image’ you have set for each blog posts and displays them as a responsive, full width image on top of each blog post. Giving you a nicer and more modern blog index page for both desktop and mobile devices.

As shown in the image below, the new ‘Image Cover’ option for the Blog Archive will span your Post Cover Images to the full width of the Blog Archive widget. As you resize your browser window, the image adapts to the width diplaying beautifully on desktop and mobile devices.

Blog Index List Pagination Options

If you’re using EverWeb for blogging, you’ll definitely see your blog index page grow with all your new posts. Previously you could specify the maximum number of blog posts to display in your Blog Posts page and your Blog Archive page.

Now, in the upcoming EverWeb 3.0 release, you will be able to show all your posts and separate them into different pages using the new Pagination settings for the Blog Archive Widget.

From our own Blog Posts page you can see the new pagination settings below.

The colors and styles are completely customizable from the Blog Archive Widget settings in your Inspector.

You can specify how many posts per page shoud be listed, the button styling options and all colors including the current page color, mouse over color and regular colors.

The styling options let you completely customize how your pagination buttons will look and function on your website to match your existing design.

More Upcoming EverWeb 3.0 Features

EverWeb 3.0 is set to be one of the biggest updates to EverWeb we have ever released. We have even more exciting new features to announce so check back soon and let us know in the comments what features you would like to see in EverWeb 3.0