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Coming Soon in EverWeb 3.0: Asset Organization

Tuesday, May 21, 2019 12:01 PM

As you use EverWeb, your website is constantly growing as you add new content. EverWeb has always provided an Asset List that has all your images, external files, PDF’s and anything else you have added to your website for easy access and management.

As you add new content to your website, that list of assets will continuously grow. Even though EverWeb currently has searching and sorting options, it can start to get difficult to find the image, or file, you  are looking for in the Assets List.

New in the upcoming EverWeb 3.0 release is advanced Asset organization meaning you can now sort and categorize images into folders and sub folders.

Combined with the advanced sorting features already included in EverWeb, Asset management is about to get a whole lot easier.

Organize Assets In Folders & Sub Folders

With the new features in EverWeb 3.0, you will be able to organize your images into folders and subfolders making it extremely easy to always find the image file you need. It’s as simple as dragging and droping your images into folders and sub folders.

In addition, External Files, including PDF files, can be organized into an unlimited number of folders as well.

When you add Widgets to your website, such as the Image Gallery, or any widget that lets you add images or files, you will get your same organized list of Assets.

How We Use Asset Organization in EverWeb

Since the EverWeb website is built using EverWeb, we wanted to show you some of the ways we’re using the new Asset organization feature in EverWeb 3.0.

Now that we can create folders in the Assets list, we created a Blog Posts folder and then added a sub folder for each blog post entry using our post title.

From there, we put all of our images associated with each blog post into their appropriate sub folder as shown in the image below. Now, it’s extremely easy to see exactly where each image file is used on our website.

With hundreds of images on the EverWeb website, this is making Asset management much more  convenient for us, and we think it will make managing your website just as easy!

More Upcoming Features in EverWeb 3.0

In addition to enhanced Asset organization and management, we have a host of other new features making EverWeb 3.0 one of the biggest and most feature packed update.

We’ll be announcing more soon, so check back for our updates and announcements and let us know below what features you want to see in EverWeb 3!