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EverWeb 3.1 Is Here! Darkmode, Faster Websites, Faster Widgets & More

Tuesday, December 10, 2019 1:29 PM

Ready for the next major update to EverWeb?

If you’re a long time user of EverWeb, you know how excited we get when a new release is ready. We’ve worked really hard on EverWeb 3.1 and we are thrilled to release this new version with some amazing new features, and some really important enhancements.

We’ve improved overall useability and speed of EverWeb and we think you are going to love this new version!

EverWeb development is always advancing and this release is the beginning of some very exciting and new announcements.

DarkMode Support for Mojave, Catalina (and all future macOS releases)

We’ve turned EverWeb Dark with DarkMode support on the latest versions of macOS. Now EverWeb looks great whether you prefer Light or DarkMode. Personally I love DarkMode and this is one of my favorite new features in EverWeb 3.1.

Your Websites Get an Instant Speed Up with Faster, More Optimized Code!

EverWeb 3.1 contains a number of improvements to make your websites faster. This includes optimizations in how we publish the underlying CSS and HTML code, but it also includes improvements to EverWeb’s intelligent publishing engine. EverWeb takes your design and converts it to code that looks exactly the same in all browsers and on all devices. Our intelligent publishing engine is even better with new optimizations for websites using various images and image fill options. Background fill options will also be significantly faster in this release.

Goodbye Publishing Issues, Hello Auto Publish Recovery

Now when publishing your website if you experience a network issue, weak internet, server problems or anything else which causes your publishing to time out, EverWeb will auto recover from publishing and even adjust some internal settings to make sure publishing continues without you having to do anything. For those people making large websites in EverWeb, this feature will make sure you don’t have to continually republish your website from the beginning when you experience a timout error.

EverWeb will continue publishing from where it left off when there is a connection timeout error without you having to do anything.

Faster Widgets & Improved Overall Experience

We add more and more features to all Widgets with every release and some of those big, powerful widgets like the Contact Form Advanced, PayPal and FlexBox can take some time to update within EverWeb’s Design Canvas. We’ve made this significantly faster with improvements to how EverWeb handles widgets. You’ll find this version of EverWeb to run smoother and faster, especially when updating Widget Settings from the Inspector.

Smart Inspector Tabs Improve Your Productivity

EverWeb 3.1 will auto select the best tab for the object you are using. For example, if you are on the Page Settings tab and select a Widget, you will automatically be switched to the Widget Settings tab in the Inspector. We made building websites and accessing the settings you need much more convenient and faster.

And Lots More...

We’ve add a whole bunch of other features and enhancements such as;

  1. An improved color picker
  2. Contact Forms now have a Reply button in the submissions email
  3. Contact Form submission emails include the date submitted, IP address of the sender and the URL of the page with the contact form
  4. YouTube Widget improvements that let you specify where to start the video at
  5. FlexBox Widget Improvements
  6. Progressbar loading indicator when opening large websites
  7. New PayPal shipping options
  8. New validation message options for the Contact Form Advanced Widget so visitors can quickly see if there is an error
  9. Improved support for macOS Catalina
  10. Contact form fixes & improvements including improved compatibility with newer versions of PHP
  11. Lots of bug fixes and improvements for an all around better experience

Downloading & Updating

As always EverWeb 3.1 is free for EverWeb + Hosting customers and active EverWeb Standalone users. You can always login to your account and check the status of your upgrade and support plan.

You can download the latest version from the EverWeb Download Page. Your website data is never lost when updating since it is stored externally from the EverWeb app.