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Create Your Online Web Store with EverWeb

Saturday, October 26, 2019 12:28 AM

How would you like to get a fully functional online store set up in just minutes?

With EverWeb you can sell real products or digital services such as your photography, PDFs or anything else downloadable in a fully featured web store without any technical set up.

With the release of EverWeb 3.0, we made EverWeb’s e-commerce features even more powerful with new features and design options.

Although EverWeb has a number of e-commerce solutions, by the far the easiest to add to your website is the PayPal E-commerce Widget. Your customers do not even need a PayPal account to buy from you.

Our video tutorial walks you through the steps of creating an online store with a huge number of customizable options including;

  1. Automatic shopping carts and checkout pages
  2. Charging shipping and handling depending on product sizes and weights
  3. Automatically applying appropriate taxes 
  4. Offering customizable options, such as size or color, with different prices depending on the buyer's selection.
  5. Allowing visitors to specify a quantity of products they want to buy
  6. Automatically redirecting buyers to specific pages on your website after purchase
  7. Even allowing subscriptions or one time payments
  8. Customizable Buy buttons to match your website design

All this is included for free with EverWeb 3.0 and is as simple as dragging and dropping the PayPal e-commerce widget onto your EverWeb website.

It has never been this easy to create a fully featured web store, designed exactly how you like it.

Plus, if you want even more powerful e-commerce solutions, check out our free video tutorials which will show you how to integrate your EverWeb website with other e-commerce solutions as well.

Download EverWeb 3.0 and try out the new advanced PayPal e-commerce features today!