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Search Engines And Responsive Websites in EverWeb 2.8

Tuesday, January 8, 2019 9:56 AM

If you have a website, you are almost certainly looking for new website visitors. And the best place to get them are from search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Search Engines use a lot of factors when ranking websites for their visitors. The most important one of course is that your web page has the relevant content their visitors are looking for which is why you need to have good text content that search engines can use to index and display your website to searchers.

Two other very important factors in getting higher search engine rankings are;

  1. A mobile page to be displayed to users searching on mobile browsers
  2. The speed in which your website will load in your visitor’s browser

EverWeb takes care of both of these things for you!

Use EverWeb’s new Responsive Layout 

Create one page that automagically adapts to the screen size of any browser including mobile phones, tablets and computers so your website is optimized for all three and can get the highest potential search engine rankings for each device.

Optimize Your Images For Fast Loading Pages

Wouldn’t it be great to just click a button and get HUGE benefits?

With EverWeb you can!

Go to the preferences and select the ‘Publishing’ tab and make sure Image Optimization is enabled. EverWeb has a super powerful image optimizer that makes sure your images load as quickly as possible for your visitors.

Not only does this make your visitors happy, it makes search engines happy as well and they are more likely to rank your website if it loads fast.

Images are typically the bottle neck in web page load speed and EverWeb takes care of this issue for you.

Aside from just optimizing images, EverWeb also optimizes your entire website when publishing. Using advanced techniques that combine the use of CSS tricks and HTML best practices, EverWeb creates a fast loading website for you without. any additional work on your part.

Create a Dedicated & Fast Mobile Webpage

Even though you have created a Responsive website that works in all browsers and devices, a dedicated mobile website is beneficial for a few reasons.

  1. It will have less content and smaller images for phones that will typically have slower internet connections
  2. It helps create a webpage targeted directly to mobile users that ONLY has the information they need

For example, if you owned a restaurant, most users searching for you need directions to your restaurant, a phone number and a menu that highlights your most important items.

By making a mobile site with only the information a mobile user needs, means they have a better user experience and your website loads significantly faster. Which, as we mentioned, is a very important factor for your search engine rankings.