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Blog Drafts and Automatically Setting Publishing Dates

Tuesday, January 22, 2019 4:33 PM

We get so caught up in the new Responsive Features in EverWeb 2.8 we sometimes forget about the other, great new features in the latest release.

This includes the additions to EverWeb’s blogging engine.

Not only did we update it to be responsive, we also added two cool new features which are;

  1. Blog drafts that let you work on a blog post that won’t get published until you are ready
  2. And a ‘Use Publish Date’ option which automatically sets the blog publish date to the date you publish your website

These features work really together, allowing you to create future blog posts and publish them when you are ready.

Imagine sitting down for a few hours, writing out all your months blog posts, and just clicking the Publish Site button when you are ready to have them published in the future.

These new features make blogging even better with EverWeb. Our updated blogging video tutorial will show you how to schedule and create blog drafts.

Don’t forget, we have dozens of free video tutorials to teach you everything from Blogging, to eCommerce to Responsive Website Design.

You can have a fully featured blog, online shop and responsive website with absolutely no coding, subscription fees or high maintenance costs.