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Adobe Muse Replacement - An Easy Switch to EverWeb

Tuesday, May 22, 2018 10:43 AM

Adobe recently announced that their visual website builder, Adobe Muse, will be discontinued. They will no longer be providing updates and soon support will stop. 

Just like when Apple discontinued iWeb, we are here for you Adobe Muse users!

EverWeb is the perfect replacement for Adobe Muse since you get many of the same features (and a few more!). You get a similar interface, no need for any coding or technical knowledge, one-click publish and a thriving third party market of add-ons and professional website templates.

Watch our video tutorial to see how you can easily switch from Adobe Muse to EverWeb.

Some Adobe Muse Features You Will Find in EverWeb 

  • Completely drag and drop, no coding needed to build your website.
  • Hundreds of free, professionally designed templates (with more added every month)
  • Master Pages that let you update your entire site from one location
  • Automatic Google Fonts Support with access to over 800 fonts
  • You can publish your site to your own hosting provider or to EverWeb’s own hosting (recommended).
  • Support for hyperlinks and mouse normal, rollover and mouse down states.
  • Support for page anchors (known as Scroll Position in EverWeb).
  • Built in widgets for E-Commerce, Image gallery, Image Slider, Facebook, Navigation Menus, RSS feeds, Contact FormsPayPal, YouTube and many more. Third Party Widgets are also available.
  • E-Commerce features built in with our robust PayPal Widget.
  • Fully featured integrated Blogging Environment.
  • WordPress blog post import.
  • HTML code can be injected at page and site level if required.
  • Built In Contact Forms with built in controls for customization.
  • Auto generated desktop, mobile and responsive  Navigation Menu widget.
  • Fast Loading Times.
  • Ability to Attach Files.
  • Spell Checker.
  • Secure HTTPS Websites 
  • Built In Animation features.
  • 64-Bit App.
  • Website files can be published to a folder on the local hard disk.
  • Built in Preview.
  • Stock Photos library with over 500,000 free to use images.
  • Built in SEO together with our SEO for EverWeb video course.

EverWeb is completely free to try. You don’t need to purchase a subscription and you can build as many websites as you like. Download the free version and get started today.