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Announcing EverWeb 2.8 With Easy Responsive Websites

Wednesday, November 14, 2018 10:40 AM

Ready For Responsive Websites with EverWeb?

Over the last while we have been focused on our all new Responsive Layout Design Mode in EverWeb and are very happy to announce the first vesion of it today!

EverWeb 2.8, the biggest update since blogging was announced in version 2.0, is now available with so many new features and improvements we don’t think we can cover everything in just one blog post.

This video tutorial will glance over some of the new features.

Responsive Website Design in EverWeb 2.8

New in EverWeb is the Responsive Page Layout Mode along with over 10 free Responsive Website Templates, New Responsive Widgets and Updates to existing Widgets to work with Responsive Pages.

Responsive webpages let you build one website that works on Desktop, Tablets, and all mobile devices without having to create separate pages for each one.

17 Free Responsive Templates + 20 New Fixed With Templates

Over the last 3 months we have released 17 FREE responsive templates and counting, plus over 20 new fixed width templates.

After upgrading to EverWeb 2.8, go to the EverWeb menu and select ‘Check For New Templates’ to download all the new templates for version 2.8

Blogging Improvements

We’ve added blog drafts and publishing improvements to Blogs as well as updated them for Responsive Websites. Blogs can be set as drafts while you are editing them and won’t be published until they are ready.

You can also set the Blog Post Publish date to the date your website is published automatically.

Widget Organization

You can now organize the 600+ third party widgets that are available for EverWeb into categories to make them easier to manage and find.

Other New Features and Enhancements

We’ve added other important features such as hosting Google Fonts on your own server with an option under Site Settings, new PayPal eCommerce settings to easily set product images and descriptions, Optimizations to the exported website code, improvements to the navigation bars and so much.

Read the full release notes to see all the new features and enhancements.

Download & Install

As always, EverWeb is free for users using EverWeb + Hosting or with an active EverWeb Standalone Upgrade plan. You can login to your client area to check the status of your upgrade and support plan or use the Check for Update Feature in the EverWeb menu while using EverWeb.

Visit the EverWeb Download Page to download the latest version of EverWeb.

Upgrading is quick and easy and we hope you love this new update as much as we do!