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EverWeb 2.6 comes with Lightning Fast FTP, FTP over SSH, Scroll Positions and more

Thursday, November 30, 2017 3:57 PM

The wait is over! Publish your websites up to 30x times faster than ever before with EverWeb 2.6!

We’ve added a host of new features but the highlights include;

  1. Lightning fast website uploading. EverWeb + Hosting customers will enjoy speeds up to 30x times faster than before while standalone users using third party web hosts will see an instant boost in uploading speeds at least 5x faster than before
  2. FTP over SSH is here making EverWeb compatible with virtually all web hosting providers. At the click of a button publish your website to a third party host using FTP, FTP over SSL/TLS or FTP over SSH
  3. Scroll Positions let you link to specific parts of a page as well as provide a beautiful smooth scrolling affect to different parts of the same page
  4. Included with EverWeb 2.6 are 20 new professionally templates showing off some of the awesome new features we’ve included

We’ve also added additional new features and enhancements including;

  1. PayPal widget improvements with a donate option and new customization options for the Pay button. New fantastic options for charities, religious institutions, artists and anyone who needs to easily collect donations
  2. Optimized HTML and CSS code! We know use CSS in more places for shapes, shadows and border styles. No more slow loading images when they aren’t needed. Your websites get an instant speed boast just by publishing with EverWeb 2.6
  3. All mouse down and mouse over effects are exported as high resolution retina images automatically when needed
  4. An all new Instagram Button from the Insert menu
  5. New Social Media Icons from the Insert->Button menu
  6. Redesigned Widget Icons for a more modern look
  7. We’ve also fixed a few issues such with the RSS Widget, Facebook Timeline Widget, moving and renaming web pages, Google Fonts and so much more

This video tutorial highlights the new features in EverWeb 2.6

See how Scroll Positions work in our new video tutorial below

EverWeb 2.6 is a free update for all users who have an active EverWeb account. You can verify the status of your account by logging into your client area or by launching EverWeb and going to the Preferences window under the EverWeb menu.

Please note that EverWeb 2.6 requires Mac OS X 10.7 and works all the way up to the latest macOS 10.13 version.

Download EverWeb 2.6 and start taking advantage of lightning publishing, scroll positions and all the new features and enhancements we have included!