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EverWeb 2.5 brings 64Bit, Enhanced Preview Features and lots more

Tuesday, October 10, 2017 10:54 PM

With EverWeb 2.5, we’ve put in a lot of new features that have been in development for a very long time.

First and foremost, we have moved to 64-bit which means EverWeb can now handle much larger websites and should function faster than before. 64bit is the future and with EverWeb 2.5, you are now ready for all future versions of macOS.

Next up, we’ve significantly improved the preview feature which gives you a better indication of how your website will look before publishing because it uses our custom built, preview server. More enhancements are coming with this feature in future versions.

The RSS Feed has received some enhancements which makes loading RSS feeds faster with local caching on your server. This significantly improves efficiency and load time of your website if you are using the RSS Feed Widget.

We’ve also included two new widgets, a Facebook Timeline widget and Live Photo Widget. The Facebook timeline Widget lets you embed any Facebook timeline on your website while the Live Photo widget lets you easily add Live Photos taken with an iPhone 7 (or later) right on your website.

Aside from the above new features, we’ve also fixed animations on the latest version of Chrome, fixed uploading with regular FTP to your own server, fixed a rare crash that occured when working on two projects, add a URL field for publishing to a folder, and fixed a few other minor issues.

This new version is free for all EverWeb + Hosting customers and Standalone users who have an active account. You can always login to your account to see if your Standalone account is currently active.

Download EverWeb 2.5 using the Check for Update feature from under the EverWeb menu or from the EverWeb downloads page.